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Snoop Dogg Feat. Marty James – “El Lay”

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<a href=""> Since <a href="">dropping the ball</a> in style to break in the new year, Snoop and Marty James decided they needed another monumental event to bless with an anthem.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Feat. Marty James – “New Year’s Eve” Video


<a href=""> When the thought of Snoop Dogg on New Year's Eve crosses your mind, the furtherst expectations would probably be a nice, quiet private party with his leading lady as 2011 breaks its crest. But the Boss Dogg is doing boss things this year and mature anthem deserves its own mature atmosphere. With plenty of superfriends, Landy Cognac and chronic, December 31st stays craccin' on the West Coast. Snag the track <a href="">on iTunes</a> so you can bump them on <a href="">his Skullcandy headphones</a>.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Feat. Marty James – “New Year’s Eve”

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<a href=""> We have a little ways to go before the ball drops to usher in 2011 but ain't no party like a Snoop Dogg party cuz a Snoop Dogg party don't stopppp. And to make sure his NYE celebration is proper, you know he had to rocc with <a href="">Scoop Deville</a> once again to get the dance floor filled.

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