Mexicans Are The New Indians: The Arizona Diamondbacks Have A Luchador Mascot


When you think "Arizona," you think "appealing to the Hispanic community," right.


The Butler Bulldog Continues To Be The Best Mascot In Any Sport Ever


As the one-time proud adoptive papa of an English Bulldog, I can tell you with slobbery and really gassy confidence that there are few greater joys in this world than watching one chase a basketball across a hardwood floor.


An Octopus Taking Selfies: NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk Dunked Again

As we discussed back in January, Conan O'Brien's NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk is probably my favorite thing that happens on television.

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The Oregon Ducks Are Selling A Helmet Car, Hanging Out With Macklemore

I guess the Oregon Ducks have always been pretty weird.


Sports On TV: 15 More Great Sports Moments From Saved By The Bell


The very first show featured in our Sports On TV column was 'Saved By The Bell,' and with good reason.


Here Is Proof That UCONN Has Used Time Travel To Manipulate Basketball Victories


The University of Connecticut’s athletics department decided that it was time for a change when it came to the school’s worn out sports logo that had been in use since the Paleolithic Era known as 2002.


This Little Dude Is Ready For The 2014 Winter Olympics

Today I learned that the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will take place in Russia, and I may have already known that but this is 2013 so I either packed it away in the POD storage unit in my brain or I deleted it so I could make room for the unofficial Taco Bell Volcano Sauce recipe, because that sh*t’s important.


UFC Fighters VS. A Soccer Mascot’s Nuts. Who Ya Got?


Fighters Luke Rockhold and Daniel Cormier took in a San Jose Earthquakes soccer game, palled around with the mascot a little and participated in the ceremonial First Goal, which is like the first pitch at a baseball game, but with your legs.


Nightmare Fuel Validated: The Veep Mascot Is A Guest Racing President


Out of context, that's the most "Yahoo Serious Festival" headline I've ever written.


Sports Has A New Power Couple: The Phillie Phanatic And Kacie The Traffic Lady


Say what you will about the Phillie Phanatic, but he's got fantastic taste in women.

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Sports On TV: Freaks And Geeks' 10 Greatest Sports Moments


This week, Sports On TV looks at the greatest sports moments from one of the greatest shows ever made -- Paul Feig and Judd Apatow's classic 1999 series 'Freaks and Geeks,' about a group of kids trying to navigate high school in 1980s Michigan.


Mike Krzyzewski Mastered The Jedi Force While Duke Fans Burned Everything In Sight


Obviously, when it comes to rivalries, a team’s record doesn’t really matter.

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Chris Paul Isn’t Rolling With The New Orleans Pelicans And It Got Ugly From There


Like most people, when news broke that the New Orleans Hornets were changing their name to the Pelicans, I was all like, “Pelicans.


Russell Westbrook Was A Dick To This Lion


So, this happened: The Denver Nuggets prevailed over the OKC Thunder in a hard-fought, overtime thriller.

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