Sorry Boys, Kate Upton Is Getting Married … To A Magical Dragon

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02.07.14 17 Comments

Kate Upton married

We write a lot about Kate Upton’s love life. Whether it’s her on-again off-again relationship with Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander, her rumored fling with basketball star Blake Griffin or the harrowing realization that she might’ve swapped diddy with Puff Daddy, we try to pay too much attention to her personal life and share it here.

Having said that, it’s a sad day at With Leather. Kate Upton was proposed to, and we’re waiting to hear her answer.

The good news is that she wasn’t proposed to by Verlander or any of the other successful, threatening guys who’d give us an inferiority complex. Nope, she was proposed to by Stuff The Magic Dragon, the Orlando Magic mascot I am now going to fight in real life. Kate and Verlander attended Friday night’s Magic game, and the opportunistic bastard swooped in with his magical dragon wings to steal her away the second she was alone.

Kate Upton marriage twitter

(photo via Twitter)

Kate was wishy-washy about it …

Kate Upton Stuff the magic dragon

… but when Verlander came back, he got the bad news.

Justin Verlander Kate Upton marriage proposal

So it seems like Stuff got Dragonzoned (or whatever) and it was all for fun, right?

I’d say that, but the game’s over and she’s still wearing the ring.

(photo via Twitter)

Word of advice, gentlemen. When you get a woman like Kate Upton, do not leave her alone for a second. She could end up taken by dragons.

h/t to Mike Westfall

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