Watch A Man Lose His Sh*t In A McDonald's Drive Thru And Punch Another Driver

By | 7 Comments

This is what happens when a A 68-year-old man is kept from his quarter-pounder with cheese.


10 Important Questions About That LeBron James And Johnny Football McDonald's Commercial

By | 10 Comments

A McDonald's commercial features LeBron James joining a "best of the best" club with Alex Morgan and Johnny Football. We have questions that need answers.


McDonald’s Actually Kicked Out This Elderly Couple For Sitting Too Long

By | 31 Comments

An elderly Virginia couple were kicked out of their favorite McDonald's restaurant for taking too long to eat their meals.


Very Smart Man Gets Two DUIs At Same McDonald’s Drive-Thru In A Matter Of Hours

By | 6 Comments

A New York man is facing a pair of DUI charges after managing to drunkenly wreck his car twice at the same McDonald's location early Sunday morning.


A Man Is Suing McDonald's For $1.5 Million Because They Only Gave Him One Napkin

By | 7 Comments

McDonald’s napkins feel like they’re made of used toilet paper, gravel, and sadness, but you still need them.


Taco Bell Is Rolling Out Its Breakfast Menu In March As ‘Demolition Man’ Is Coming True

By | 58 Comments

After teasing the country with the waffle taco for the last year, Taco Bell is releasing its breakfast menu on March 27 and McDonald's has taken notice.


This Reporter In Sochi Just Does Not Want To Try Any Russian Food, Okay?

By | 9 Comments

In this compilation, a Pennsylvania reporter in Sochi for the Winter Olympics is repeatedly asked about Russian food, and he just won't seem to try it.


Move Over Golden-Voiced Hobo, Make Room For The Moviefone McDonald’s Employee

By | 4 Comments

Meet your newest Internet superstar: It's the McDonald's drive-thru employee with the voice of a strip club DJ.


Let McDonald’s Explain How Their Chicken Nuggets Are Made In This Delicious Video

By | 13 Comments

McDonald's tries to explain away the overwhelming internet evidence of how they make their chicken nuggets. It's not made of people? I HAVE BLINDERS ON!


Did McDonalds Just Compare Olympic Medals To Chicken McNuggets? Yes. Yes, They Did.

By | 3 Comments

A new McDonalds commercial suggests that "victories" should be celebrated by biting into a McNugget.


Here’s How You Can Get Heroin Instead Of A Happy Meal Toy At McDonald’s

By | 3 Comments

You're an adult, you shouldn't be getting Happy Meal Toys anymore. Heroin, on the other hand...


A New York McDonald’s Is Engaged In A Nasty Turf War With A Group Of Korean Seniors

By | 3 Comments

A McDonald's in Queens is at war with a group of Korean seniors who feel the need to sit in the restaurant all day long, day after day.


McDonald's Urges Employees To Avoid Eating At McDonald's


McResource Line -- the McDonald's employee resource website -- is a treasure trove of hilarious hypocrisy.


Here's How To Get Free Food From McDonald's All The Time

By | 14 Comments

Free food at McDonald's? All it takes is a vehicle and a big set of brass balls.


Applebee’s And Chili’s Want To Improve The Way You Order Your Sh*tty Food

By | 12 Comments

We're inching closer and closer to Skynet domination as Applebee's and Chili's introduce tablets for ordering dinner and ignoring your children.


An Arizona Couple Called 911 After They Didn’t Get Hash Browns At McDonald’s

By | 29 Comments

A couple in Mesa, Arizona is facing assault charges after they threw a bag of food and threatened McDonald's employees over missing hash browns.


It’s Friday, So Here’s A Bully Getting Speared Into A Car Door

By | 16 Comments

A bully fight outside of a McDonald's ends dramatically when a girl gets a Roman Reigns-style spear into a car door and gets KO'd. DAYYMM.

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