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Here's How To Get Free Food From McDonald's All The Time

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Free food at McDonald's? All it takes is a vehicle and a big set of brass balls.

Food Service

Applebee’s And Chili’s Want To Improve The Way You Order Your Sh*tty Food

By | 12 Comments

We're inching closer and closer to Skynet domination as Applebee's and Chili's introduce tablets for ordering dinner and ignoring your children.


An Arizona Couple Called 911 After They Didn’t Get Hash Browns At McDonald’s

By | 29 Comments

A couple in Mesa, Arizona is facing assault charges after they threw a bag of food and threatened McDonald's employees over missing hash browns.


It’s Friday, So Here’s A Bully Getting Speared Into A Car Door

By | 16 Comments

A bully fight outside of a McDonald's ends dramatically when a girl gets a Roman Reigns-style spear into a car door and gets KO'd. DAYYMM.

Happy Meals

McDonald’s Might Soon Spoil Your Children With Toys On Demand Cranked Out By 3D Printers

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Mcdonald's wants to give brats a chance to swap out unwanted toys for fresh 3D printed figures at restaurants everywhere. A poor idea or genius marketing?

drunk drivers

A Drunk Ohio Man Led Police On A Car Chase So He Could Finish A Big Mac

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An Ohio man failed to stop for police officers when he was reported for driving recklessly and he led them on a chase so he could eat his Big Mac.

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With Leather Interview: Joe Flacco Raps With Us About Trick Shots, Blackouts, Grimace And Mighty Wings

By | 11 Comments

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco gave us some insight into his new McDonald's Mighty Wings campaign and the trick shot ad with Colin Kaepernick.


Meet The Bro Who Holds The World Record For Eating Chicken McNuggets

By | 5 Comments

A college student named Nicholas Holeman is the world record holder for eating the most Chicken McNuggets in three minutes.


Florida Friday: A Tampa Woman Was Arrested For Stabbing A Man In The Butt At McDonald’s

By | 10 Comments

If you thought that the only danger of eating at McDonald’s was the chemicals used in preserving the so-called meat during the manufacturing and storage processes or listening to <a href="" target="_blank">Jennifer Aniston make fun of poor people</a>, haha, you are sorely mistaken.


Comments of the Week: Jennifer Aniston’s Unholy Bowels

By | 26 Comments

This was a good week for FilmDrunk comments, and I'm proud of you all.


Jennifer Aniston recounts the horror of the time she ate poor-people food

By | 92 Comments

I never quite understood the rich vein of knee-jerk Jennifer Aniston hate running through the blogomines before, but I'll admit, this latest story is practically Paltrowian in its pedantic obnoxitude.


A 9-Year Old Girl Called Out The CEO Of McDonald’s At The Shareholders Meeting

By | 14 Comments

At today's annual McDonald's shareholders meeting in Illinois, a 9-year old girl blamed the fast food giant for making America's children sick.


Charles Ramsey Finally Gets A Decent Autotuning, Might Have A McDonald’s Endorsement Deal Coming

By | 6 Comments

I've been checking YouTube all day to find a halfway decent Charles Ramsey autotune video, because you knew one was coming. Here's the best one.

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Cop Accused of Using Gun to Speed Up McDonald’s Drive-Thru


A police officer who was waiting in the drive-thru line at a McDonald's restaurant is accused of pulling a gun on the customer ahead of him because the officer was angry at having to wait for his food.


You Will Never Be Happier Than This Dog Is Eating A Chicken McNugget

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Just accept it, you will never achieve happiness on the level of the happiness this Redditor's dog achieved when tossed a Chicken McNugget.


You Might Have A Heart Attack Just Looking At This McDonald’s Double Beef Sausage Burger

By | 4 Comments

McDonald's should just call this thing the "Deathburger" because it looks like one giant artery clog on a plate.

fast food wars

Burger King’s Twitter Account Got Hacked By Patrick Carney On Behalf Of McDonald’s, Apparently

By | 4 Comments

Possibly inspired by Patrick Carney's brilliant Bieber trolling expedition, Burger King's Twitter was hacked and turned into a McDonald's Twitter account.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

By | 4 Comments

It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, and some awesome.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

By | 3 Comments

It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, and some awesome.

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