Spit Your Game

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Congratulations to Big Baby Davis: You produced the most famous glob of spit to hit American TV since the blonde who launched a loogie in homegirl's face on Flavor Flav's show.


Vince Carter debuts for Orlando; Ben Gordon debuts for Detroit

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Of the four teams that played in last night's NBA preseason games, three were of the "new-look" variety: Orlando, Dallas and Detroit.

#LeBron James

D-Wade finds his politician side

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Seeing as LeBron has given 15,000 "I'm cool where I'm at/I love Cleveland" interviews and yet you've still got dudes in New York City hawking homemade LBJ #23 Knicks jerseys on the street, there's really no point in superstar free-agents-to-be saying anything about their situation in the months before they hit the market.


Lottery picks on display in Vegas, plus the NBA’s best poker player

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While the Orlando summer league wrapped up on Friday, the Vegas summer league -- the more "glamorous" of the two -- was just getting started.

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