the master

The Master Fact-Check: Can you make moonshine from paint thinner?

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As I stated in my review, my biggest question coming out of The Master was whether Joaquin Phoenix's character was more of a gas-huffing pussy lover or a pussy-loving gas huffer.

Your Daily Crazy

Your Daily Crazy: Man Arrested For DUI On Horseback, Possession Of Marijuana & Moonshine

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The great Commonwealth of Kentucky, that alligator-shaped slab of Appalachia and bluegrass, has given us plenty of things like Hunter S.

The Return EP

Diz Gibran & Moonshine – The Return EP

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"Sometimes you gotta go away to make a comeback.


Diz Gibran – “Slick” (Prod. By Moonshine)

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"Dizzy well know...Back up the slick talk." After making their recent "Return," Diz and Moon keep the momentum going with "Slick," which is everything the song title implies.


Video: On The Rox With Diz Gibran

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"Diz has to be one of the most polished “new” guys on the sound, including his flow, Moon’s beats & all that.

Soon You'll Understand

“Capital D” – Review Of Diz Gibran’s Soon You’ll Understand

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The West Coast has been looking to restructure their platform in the post-gangsta rap era and by the sounds of next-gen artists such as Blu, U-N-I and most recently Diz Gibran, the sunnier side of LA lifestyle is the popular picture to portray.

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