The Best Moonshines For Summer Porch Drinkin’

05.15.18 8 months ago


Usually made with corn mash as its main ingredient (similar to bourbon), moonshine is an unaged whiskey that was historically distilled illicitly by the light of the moon (get it?). It’s pretty much the perfect spirit for summer imbibing. What could be better than sitting on a back porch, overlooking a field, while you pass around a jar of ‘shine? Plus, moonshine, the illicit, high-proof, distilled spirit, that’s been produced on secret stills deep in the woods actually became legal (with the right regulations) in 2010.

That means that you no longer have to worry about whether or not your cousin’s, best friend’s, uncle’s moonshine is going to make you go blind or their mountain still is going to explode. The legalization of the spirit has also led to many major brands producing their own store-bought versions of the clear stuff in the last few years. Check out some of the best moonshine below and get to sippin’.

Hudson New York Corn Whiskey

This 92-proof white whiskey is made using a blend of locally-sourced corn. The result is a smooth, sweet, slow-sipping whiskey that doesn’t need to be aged to be enjoyed. On a side note, this is the same white whiskey that is aged to make Hudson’s Baby Bourbon. So, buy one of each and compare them side by side.

Or just drink them. That’s what we’d do.

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