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The Neil O’Dometer Will Meet All Your Average Needs


After reading KSK's 100 most average players post, reader Matt wrote in to let us know of a semi-annual ritual and he and his buddies have done: compiling the Neil O'Dometer, a ranking system of quarterbacks with famed destroyer of Ape's teenage years, Neil O'Donnell, as the baseline of average quarterback play.

xmas ape

KSK’s List Of The Most Average Players Ever


After a painstaking process of pulling random names out of our ass (ASS DON'T LIE) and briefly scanning stats to make sure players weren't better than we remember, we here at KSK have produced the definitive list of the most average NFL players ever.

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KSK’s Search For The Most Average Players Ever


A horrible recent tradition in the NFL off-season is the NFL's yearly drawn-out release of its Top 100 Players list.

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