A Centuries-Old Mummy Was Just Discovered Inside This Buddha Statue


A CT scan revealed the remains of Buddhist master Liuquan, who died around 1100 AD. Sounds like *someone* took "rest in peace" literally.

King Tutankhamun

Someone Broke King Tutankhamun’s Mask And Used Superglue To Fix It

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At least we can finally answer Steve Martin's burning question, "How'd you get so funky?"


Follow-Up: The Mysterious Death Of The Mummified Woman Found After Six Years Continues To Get Stranger

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That woman found mummified in her garage after six years near Detroit continues to get stranger with new mysteries popping up.


Woman Found Mummified In Her Garage After Six Years: A Breakdown Of The Craziest Story So Far This Year

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A Detroit area woman is found mummified in her garage after six years. The story gets even more bizarre from there.

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