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Meme Watch: ‘Idiot Nerd Girl’ (AKA ‘Fake Geek Girl’) Is Taking The Meme Back

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The "Fake Geek Girl" / "Idiot Nerd Girl" meme has finally been reappropriated as a means to call out jerks who always question only one gender's nerd cred.


Tony Harris Said Some Things, And Now We Have ‘Cosplay Appreciation Day’ In Response

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Comic book artist Tony Harris posted a rant on Facebook about female cosplayers, sparking Cosplay Appreciation Day in the backlash.


Our 30 Favorite Pictures From This Year's Mardi Gras Chewbacchanal

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Chewbacchus held their Chewbacchanal this weekend in New Orleans, and we picked our favorite pictures for the slideshow below.

Anakin Skywalker

Corporate Response To Star Wars Complaint Letter Is The Best Ever Corporate Response

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There's a retail chain for educational toys in the UK called "The Early Learning Centre" which I pronounce "sent-ray" while drinking Earl Gray with my pinky out because I'm fancy/illiterate.

college humor

Katrina Bowden Is Such A Nerd

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Katrina Bowden (who plays the simple-minded Cerie on 30 Rock) made a sketch video with College Humor in which she reacts to her date's insistence that he's a nerd by whipping out her own humungous nerd cred and smacking it against his cheek angrily.

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