2015 Super Bowl

Did Marshawn Lynch Grab His Crotch After His Second Quarter Touchdown?

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Did he or didn't he? Marshawn Lynch maybe grabbed his crotch. What do you think?


Here Are The Precautions The NFL’s Taking For The Super Bowl Game Balls

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The NFL's totally going to check all the balls this time you guys. They swear.

jimmy kimmel live

Here’s The Gag Reel From The ‘I Am The Locker Room Guy’ #DeflateGate Skit On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Including yet another take of host Jimmy Kimmel criticizing Matt Damon's inability to act.

the gregory brothers

The Gregory Brothers Are Back To Autotune Tom Brady’s #DeflateGate Press Conference

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Tom Brady's #Deflategate press conference finally gets the touching, autotuned musical rendition it deserves thanks to The Gregory Brothers.


Check Out Rob Gronkowski’s Party Bus, The ‘One Thing’ He Really Wanted With His New Contract

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Gronk also has a driver called "Goon" who drives him wherever he wants to go. For example, Arizona.

Friday Sports Conversation

Friday Sports Conversation: Why Do People Hate The New England Patriots?

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Why do YOU hate the New England Patriots? Sound off in today's Friday sports conversation.

#Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel And An All-Star Cast Discovered The Identity Of The Pats Locker Room Guy Behind #DeflateGate

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A star studded cast and Matt Damon help Jimmy Kimmel discover the real identity of the Patriots Locker Room Guy.


WWE Wants To Help The New England Patriots Cheat To Win The Super Bowl

By | 27 Comments

Cheating is an important part of making it in WWE, so here's a bunch of cheaters helping the New England Patriots cheat to win.


UFC’s Nick Diaz Tears Bill Belichick Apart In This Tremendous Mashup


Yesterday's collection of quotes proved that Nick Diaz is quick to speak his mind on any number of topics.


Phil Jackson Once Said His Championship Knicks Teams Deflated Basketballs


We've 'enjoyed' more than enough football talk over the past several months, and continue to do so as Deflate-Gate dominates American news headlines in advance of the Super Bowl.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Admits That His Own #DeflateGate Science Was Way Off Too

By | 7 Comments

Neil deGrasse Tyson went and tried to bring science into the discussion about #DeflateGate, but only managed to screw it up in the process.


Patriots Fan Louis C.K. Is Totally Fine With Deflated Balls Because ‘It’s Hilarious’

By | 4 Comments

On tonight's 'Late Show,' Louis CK explains why he has no problem with his New England Patriots allegedly letting the air out of balls.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Bill Belichick’s #DeflateGate Science Is Way Off

By | 39 Comments

World famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says Bill Belichick's #DeflateGate excuse doesn't make any sense.


REPORT: A Pats Locker Room Attendant Is A ‘Person Of Interest’ In DeflateGate

By | 13 Comments

The NFL may have video of a New England locker room attendant taking balls from officials.


‘Good Morning America’ Called On Bill Nye The Science Guy To Settle DeflateGate Once And For All

By | 34 Comments

What Bill Nye The Science Guy said about DeflateGate will blow your mind...assuming, of course, you have a deflation needle.

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