Packers 42, Saints 34: A Quick Recap

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Last night’s 2011 NFL season debut between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints was about as perfect as a game gets.


Our Morning Links Were Still There


America defending its nation was the only defense to appear in this game.


Don’t Worry, Drew Brees Is Still The Messiah Despite Lockout

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<a href=""> I may have mentioned an unbiased love for our <a href="">Lord and Savior Drew Breesus</a>, who tossed touchdowns for our sins a couple of seasons ago.


Better Than His “Goodbye Forever Kim Kardashian’s Vagina” Tweet

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In a Tweet that might as well have read "going 2 new england brb," Reggie Bush reacted to the Saints trading back into the first round to draft Alabama running back Mark Ingram by going on the Internet, giving up completely and spending the rest of the day Googling "Reggie Bush.


Five Unforgettable Sporting Events I Witnessed

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For the last five years or so, I’ve been living the life of a vagabond, going from city to city in search of a big break or with halfway going to school.


Stick A Fork In Jeremy Shockey

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Now that New Orleans is back,**the Saints don't really need Jeremy Shockey.


Saints’ Payton Officially A N’Awlins Refugee

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We'll round up some Super Bowl news in a minute, but first a bizarre Saints head coach Sean Payton is packing up his family from New Orleans and moving them to an upscale Dallas-area home that he just purchased.


Drew Brees Somehow Just Got More Awesome

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<a href=""> I'm just going to get this out of the way right now: this post may be <a href="">biased</a>.


Half of Saints Roster Are Now Free Agents

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As if the humiliation of losing to the Seattle Seahawks (<a href="">which I called,</a> by the way) wasn't enough for the Saints, they're now getting punched in the stomach with the realization that 28 of their players will be unrestricted free agents.


They Are Who We Thought They Were: The Best Sports Moments Of 2010

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While the entirety of the mainstream media began releasing Best Of lists in the first week of December, I wanted to wait as long as I possibly could to create my own, because of, you know, all of the games that take place throughout December.


Hank Baskett Can’t Catch A Break

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Kendra Wilkinson, the 25-year old former Playboy Playmate naked chick who used to roll around on top of Hugh Hefner’s old balls, is trying to get her husband and terrible football player, Hank Baskett, to sign a “post-nuptial” agreement because she’s apparently bringing in more proverbial cheddar.


Are The Falcons Ready For Prime Time?

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The New Orleans Saints clinched a playoff berth after defeating the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football last night, <a href="">17-14</a>.


Heartbroken: 10 Great Sports Stories That Could Have Been

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<a href="">Graphics by <a href="">Anthoniaa</a> Remember when Boise St.


Open Thread: Thanksgiving Football

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Pic via <a href="">Dirk</a> In the long and storied history of this country, it doesn't get much more American than Thanksgiving and the NFL.


Bowen Brees Ready To Be Named 2nd String QB

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Super Bowl MVP and N'Awleans folk hero, Drew Brees and his wife gave birth to their second son late Tuesday night.


Monday Suck-Off: Sebastian Janikowski vs. Garrett Hartley [Poll]

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ASYLUM POLL: <a href="">Is the kicker over-valued in football?</a> For once, I have taken a side in KSK's debate of the weekly "<a href="">Meast</a>" and "<a href="">Least</a>" awards.


Reggie Bush Broke His Leg Out Of Respect To Those Who Came Before Him

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You might have heard that the Saints' win against the 49ers last night came at the expense of Reggie Bush, who broke his leg on a muffed punt return.


Dan Hampton Is A Man Of Poise And Tact

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We here at With Leather are spending the day at the annual Uproxx Labor Day Family Picnic, so of course we're not posting much, but I just took a break from giving <a href="">Vince</a> piggyfront rides to bring you a fine example of why having "Former NFL Player" and "Hall-of-Famer" on your resume doesn't necessarily mean you should have a job in sports journalism.

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