Taiwan Hates The New York Yankees, Loves Animating C.C. Sabathia’s Bones

If that preview image doesn't make you click the link, maybe this will: at one point in Taiwan's "New York Yankees didn't make the World Series" epic, Alex Rodriguez draws a sex emoticon on a ball and gets it tossed to a lady.


Taiwan Animation Vs. Soccer Dives

Soccer dives are the worst, and Luis Suarez of Liverpool is the worst AT them.


Great News, Dads: Pole Dancing Classes Are Finally Being Offered For Kids


We’ve made no secret of our appreciation of pole dancing as a sport in the past, from coverage of international pole dancing competitions to Chicago Bears fan busting their asses to the superstar athletes at Rick’s Cabaret and their appreciation of this site.

taiwanese animation

Lana Del Rey Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

They say that you haven't really "made it" these days until the Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation make you the subject of their web videos.


Taiwanese Animators Recap Louis C.K.’s Reddit Q&A

In case you didn't have time to participate in the Reddit Q&A Louis C.K. did yesterday, those Taiwanese animators who always make videos summarizing current events felt compelled to devote some time and energy to it, highlighting the story he told about pissing his pants as a kid in particular.

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