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'Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number' Teaser Brings The Creepy

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'Hotline Miami 2' looks every bit as cuddly and gentle as its predecessor. Which is to say, not a damn bit.


Get Ready For A Shock: 'System Shock 2' Officially Coming To GOG

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As a thirty-year-old who's been gaming since the second grade, I'm increasingly having the uncomfortable experience of telling somebody "Oh, it's like [CLASSIC GAME FROM MY CHILDHOOD]" and hearing "Oh.


Hell Is Motivational Posters: A Review Of 'Antichamber'

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'Antichamber' has great puzzle gameplay, and terrible story design. Good thing there isn't much story!


So The SimCity AMA Did Not Go Very Well

By | 23 Comments

Maxis devs get on Reddit, get asked about DRM in SimCity and... well... you can see the header image.

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Even The People Who Made 'Diablo' Hate 'Diablo III'

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From our "Not Exactly a Surprise" department comes a report that David Brevik, one of the key personnel in creating Diablo, fears and hates what his progeny has become.

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