Hypocrisy In Hollywood: The Infographic

We spend some serious time outlining Hollywood hypocrisy around these parts, whether it be why SOPA is the worst, or why PIPA is the worst, or pretty much anything Dan writes.


JotForm’s Legal Nightmare Shows Why Government Shouldn’t Legislate the Web


Amidst all the protesting and chaos as the Internet turned around and gave Congress a mighty whack on the nose for trying to pass the awful Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act, one question, well, denial, kept coming up: "C'mon.

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Sony Jacked Up The Price Of Whitney Houston’s Music 30 Minutes After Her Death


By now, we all know all too well how the music industry loves to whine incessantly about how internet leeches are bleeding it dry, and how it's been trying to get its bought and paid for henchmen in Washington to pass awful legislation like SOPA and PIPA so it can basically be instated as the internet's overlord.


RIAA Head In NY Times Op-Ed: SOPA & PIPA Opponents Were Stupid Meanies


The New York Times today published an op-ed written by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) head Cary Sherman that's little more than a massive whine over the defeat of SOPA and PIPA that reads like a breakup letter written by a shocked, scornful former lover.


Anonymous Is Throwing Its Usual Hissy Fit Today

Don't worry if you can't access various government websites today: in the wake of MegaUpload getting taken down by the Feds, they're running around shutting down websites and being annoying.


The Daily Show Finally Addresses SOPA, PIPA

I recently read, and I sadly can't recall where, that someone had attended a taping of the Daily Show and -- in the Q&A session that takes place between Jon Stewart and his audience before each show -- questioned why the show had yet to utter a word about SOPA and PIPA.

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PIPA Appears Just As Dead As SOPA

Yesterday was a whirlwind for pretty much the entire Internet.


Delicious SOPA-PIPAs And Links

Boo Internet Censorship, Yay Internet Freedom: The Anti-SOPA Meme |Warming Glow| SPLOOSH.

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