Finding Nemo sequel to be called Finding Dory, set for November 2015

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Pixar today announced that the previously-announced sequel to Finding Nemo will be called Finding Dory, and is set for release in November 2015.


Ellen Announces ‘Finding Dory’


Ellen DeGeneres tells her audience that Pixar is officially making a sequel to Finding Nemo, based on her character.


Dane Cook Appropriately Cast As Dusty The Cropduster In 'Planes'

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Originally meant to be a straight-to-DVD excuse to let your TV babysit your children for two hours, Disney’s Planes was instead given an August 9 theatrical release date because producer John Lasseter needs another swimming pool.


Toy Story 4 coming in 2015, say Colombians

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"Toy Story 4" is currently trending on Twitter, and there are a lot of "Toy Story 4 coming in 2015" headlines across the internet, but they all seem to have question marks after them.


'Sim City: A Game To Kill For' And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including Frank Miller's Sim City, Zero Dark Knight Thirty, 'Sopranos' as a sitcom, and 'Ghostbusters' meets 'Super Mario Bros.'

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The Monsters University commercial won the BCS

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I didn't watch much of the BCS Championship game last night, but my outdoor friends tell me that the Roller Tidings of Alabama easily overwhelmed the Golden Hunchbacks of Nostradamus by scoring more end touches in the sprots match.

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Michelle Jenneke Meets Forever Alone. Pretty Sure I’m The One Forever Alone

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Back in July, With Leather created an Internet maelstrom (or "malestrom") of guys furiously GIFfing and watermarking pictures of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke.


This Desk Lamp Is The Next Best Thing To Having Pixar’s Mascot In Your House

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Three students from New Zealand have created a robotic desk lamp surprisingly similar to Pixar's mascot, Luxo Jr.

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Is Brad Bird Directing Episode VII? Let The Conspiracy Theories Commence!

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Is Brad Bird directing Star Wars: Episode VII? Probably not. BUT...still probably not. BUT BUT...

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Partysaurus Rex


Rex, the green dinosaur from Toy Story, gets a chance to shed his party-pooper past in Disney•Pixar's new animated short.

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A Song From 'Rent' Sung In Klingon By Rachel Bloom (And Other Mashups)


Featured mashup videos of the week, including "Seasons of Love" performed in Klingon by Rachel Bloom, Toy Story Expendables, Game of Bones, and Chuck Norris versus Mario and Pac-Man.


What If Pixar Made The Expendables 2?


Arnie and Sly have got nothing on Buzz and Woody.


Taken Nemo: The 'Taken' Meets 'Finding Nemo' Mashup Finally Happened


The plot similarities being what they are it's kind of hard to believe it has TAKEN this long for a YouTuber to FIND the inspiration to mash up the audio from the original Taken trailer with the animation from Finding Nemo.


How to Draw PIXAR Characters


Artist <a href="" target="_blank">Kyle Lambert</a> shows you how to draw some of your favorite PIXAR characters: Buzz from Toy Story, Mike from Monsters, Inc.


Real Life WALL-E


Mike Senna created a life-size, working WALL-E robot.


Pixar Fan/National Hero Creates Real-Life WALL-E


A computer programmer in California spent the last two years of his life working on a real-life, functioning WALL-E. It was worth it.

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Andrew Stanton to direct Finding Nemo 2: Nemo Harder

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Andrew Stanton made his live-action debut with John Carter earlier this year, which, despite being what I thought was a pretty enjoyable movie, lost Disney <a href="" target="_blank">$200 million dollars</a>.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter tanks as Schadenfreude Summer Continues

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In a summer that has already seen delicious, disastrous bombs for Battleship, Adam Sandler's latest movie, and Rock of Ages, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter grossed just $16.


TRAILER: Monsters University, because I always wondered where the monsters matriculated

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I've always been a big Pixar supporter (I DON'T CARE WHO I PISS OFF BY SAYIN' I LOVE WALL-E, I DIDN'T GET WHERE I AM BY BEIN' AFRAID OF CONTROVERSY), but after a couple of Cars movies and Brave looking like the most uninspired of female-protagonist plots (I didn't get to go to my press screening so I can't confirm this yet), you wonder if the brand has lost its luster.

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