Here’s A Drunken Chinese Couple That Was Caught Having Sex In Public, But Kept Going Anyway

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The proper reply to someone shouting at you to stop having sex is always, "we're almost finished."


Peter Dinklage’s ‘Pixels’ Mullet Is On Full Display In Sony’s Comic-Con Ad

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Sony Pictures is giving a lucky Comic-Con fan a role alongside Peter Dinklage's mullet in the feature film version of 'Pixels.'


Chris Columbus Is Taking Happy Madison’s ‘Pixels’ To ‘The Next Level Visually’

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Director Chris Columbus says that unlike the short film, Happy Madison's 'Pixels' will bring video game characters to life in 3D form.


Adam Sandler’s Adaptation Of ‘Pixels’ Will Star Kevin James And Josh Gad

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Set for a May 15, 2015 release date, Adam Sandler's big screen adaptation of the wonderful short film 'Pixels' will star the same old crew.

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Adam Sandler Pays “Tribute” To Video Games Next Year With ‘Pixels’

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Adam Sandler and his team are about to pay "tribute" to video games with "Pixels" next year.


How Many TV Show Characters Can You Spot In This Amazing ‘PXL Con’ Image?

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Check out an amazing work of art featuring hundreds of TV shows in pixelated form.

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Happy Madison Got Its Claws On ‘Bad Toys 2′

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For the second time in two years, Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company is getting into the short-film-goes-big-time business.

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I Don’t Know What To Think About This — ‘King Of Kong’ Director To Work On A Movie Called ‘Pixels’ Starring Adam Sandler

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'King of Kong' director Seth Gordon is probably directing the movie Pixels...starring Adam Sandler. Hmmm.

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‘Pixels’ being adapted by Adam Sandler. Wait, what?

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Remember that short film, Pixels, about old-school video games and their blocky graphics invading present-day Manhattan.


Morning links get attacked by Pixels

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This is Patrick Jean's Pixels, in which New York City gets overrun with 8-bit graphics.

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