PLNDR Presents “A Mick Boogie Christmas” Mixtape

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Where I live in Metro Detroit, there's a station that annually plays Christmas songs around the clock, from Black Friday until New Years Day.

Summertime III

DJ Jazzy Jeff x Mick Boogie – Summertime III Mixtape

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Mick Boogie and Jazzy Jeff herald the arrival of warmer weather with the third entry in their annual Summertime mixtape series.


PLNDR’s Nike & Adidas Sneaker Sale

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<a href=""><a href=""> <a href="">PLNDR's</a> starting off the month of May by adding sneakers from <a href=",subId=0">Nike</a> yesterday and <a href=",subId=0">adidas</a> to today's offerings.


The Gourmet Footwear Sale @ PLNDR

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Fans of sales, <a href="">Gourmet footwear</a> or both might find a few Fall kicks @ <a href="">PLNDR's</a> current sale.


Shop @ PLNDR

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<a href=""> Suffice it to say that everyone who frequents this site is not above browsing for deals. And we all know shopping @ Marshall's & TJ Maxx doesn't always cut it. Therefore, I share with you <a href="">PLNDR</a>.

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