Charlie Hebdo

Banksy Is Not The Artist Behind This Poignant Illustrated Response To The Charlie Ebdo Attack

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Artist Lucille Clerc created this image which was posted to a fake Banksy Instagram account. It has been shared by over 100,000 people.

Charlie Hebdo

‘Charlie Hebdo’ Will Print One Million Copies Of Their Next Issue

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Following the attack on their staff, 'Charlie Hebdo' will print one million copies of their next issue, twenty times their usual circulation.

Charlie Hebdo

See What Cartoonists Around The World Are Drawing In Response To The Charlie Hebdo Attack

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Cartoonists around the world have been drawing responses to honor the Charlie Hedbo staff members and police officers killed by religious extremists.


The College Works of Bill Watterson, Before Calvin and Hobbes (Gallery)

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It's been scientifically proven that only two types of people do not enjoy reading <a href="">Calvin and Hobbes</a>, those being: A) Nazis and B) people without heads.

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