Banksy Is Not The Artist Behind This Poignant Illustrated Response To The Charlie Ebdo Attack

After yesterday’s brutal attack at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, people all of over the world have been voicing their outrage and showing their support not only for the victims, but also for the concept of free speech and expression. On that note, over 100,000 fans have shared an image posted to “Banksy’s” Instagram in response to the shooting which left 12 dead and five seriously injured.

It’s a strong and poignant image. Yet, according to The Independent, this is not the work of Banksy at all.

A spokesperson for Banksy told The Independent: “We can confirm this is not by Banksy.”

The account is actually one of many fakes (Twitter handles @Banksyofficial and @therealbanksy are also fake) set up in the street artist’s name.

The image appears to be the work of artist Lucille Clerc. She shared the drawing yesterday on Twitter:

Fake Banksy here even gives Lucille Clerc the credit in the caption for the image. Copyright laws aside, art like this is meant to be shared and if the Banksy Instagram account in question is the vessel that has delivered Clerc’s message to the masses to help during this tragedy, then so be it.

(Via: The Independent / InstagramTwitter)