A Soccer Player Took A Dump, And Everybody Had To Chant About It


Southampton Football Club's Jason Puncheon went to the bathroom during a match against Everton FC.


Important News: Neil Armstrong Gave Felix Baumgartner Advice On Space Pooping

In what we have dubbed one of our most important and biggest sports moment of 2012, and according to my team of hard-working fact-checkers, Austrian daredevil and Red Bull pimp Felix Baumgartner flew to the edge of the Earth, approximately 24 miles above the ground, and jumped from his tiny capsule to earn the title of the Craziest Bastard That You’ll See This Year.


Terror Strikes The Lakers: Dwight Howard Was Pooping During Monday’s Earthquake

While new Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard waits for the doorways and halls to be raised in his new home in HELL Newport Beach, he’s currently staying at a posh hotel in Beverly Hills.


Don’t Ever Grow Up, Internet: The Very Best Olympic Pooping Diver Photoshops


Yesterday, the above picture popped up on this Reddit thread (or possibly here first, according to Internet police) with a series of other divers photoshopped on the toilet, and quite frankly I’ve never been so proud of the Internet.


Oops, Gary Lineker Crapped His Pants


English soccer legend Gary Lineker celebrated his 50th birthday on Tuesday with his second wife and his son and probably other people, but none of them mattered because LOOK AT HIS WIFE! But as much as I’d love the story to be about Danielle Lineker’s awesome boobage, there’s an even more fitting story making the rounds about this futbol star, who leads England with 10 career World Cup goals.


Rugby Rookies Soil Team's Good Name


With baseball’s steroid scandals still occupying the news in America, Australia is also reeling from shameful news about its national pastime as well.

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