A Very Thankful Power Ranking Of Wrestling’s Best Bird Characters

By | 37 Comments

From the Gobbledy Gooker to Jack Swagger's Soaring Eagle, wrestling has given us some bird-themed characters to be thankful for.


Where Does Your Favorite Team Rank In This Week’s NFL Power Rankings?

By | 8 Comments

Where Does Your Favorite Team Rank In This Week's NFL Power Rankings?


Here’s An NFL Power Ranking With Teams Ranked In No Particular Order

By | 9 Comments

Here's where your team stands through 4 weeks of the season.


The Definitive ‘Franklin & Bash’ Power Rankings

By | 17 Comments

Definitive rankings of the titular characters on "Franklin & Bash."

#Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Power Rankings: How Does ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Compare With The Other Turtles Movies?

By | 19 Comments

Where does each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies fit in the film canon? Let's find out!

trace cyrus

The Inaugural Roger Clinton Sh*ttiest Celebrity Brothers Power Rankings

By | 28 Comments

For Roger Clinton's birthday, we honor some other terrible brothers of celebrities who have made names for themselves in recent years.


Fighter Dogs Power Rankings: Part Two

By | 4 Comments

The second installment of our very important rankings of the dogs of various mixed martial arts fighters.

xbox one

Ranking The New XBox One TV Shows

By | 2 Comments

The Xbox One is getting a lot of TV shows... and some of them might actually be good!


Where Does ‘Devil’s Due’ Fit In Our Satanic Baby Power Ranking?

By | 5 Comments

'Devil's Due' is one of a long line of Satanic baby movies. But where does it rank among them?


Fighter Dogs Power Rankings? Fighter Dogs Power Rankings.

By | 14 Comments

Our own Jessica Hudnall ranks the 13 best dogs in mixed martial arts, from Ronda Rousey's mastiff to Rener Gracie's mini Australian shepherd.


Couples In The Most Recent Cialis Commercial, Ranked

By | 31 Comments

Spoiler Alert: Tennis Couple is number one, because they are WINNERS.


The Ultimate Fighter’s Ultimate Power Rankings: The 10 Best TUF Champions Of All-Time

By | 7 Comments

With the newest season of the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter under way, the promotion’s reality fighting series has evolved well beyond the show’s history of a group of guys competing with each other for a contract and a nice payday.

#Under The Dome CBS

Ranking The ‘Under The Dome’ Characters, From Least To Most Ridiculous

By | 24 Comments

Most of the characters on "Under the Dome" are cuckoo pants, so let's power rank them.

#Jay Z

Ranking Jay-Z And Kanye West’s Albums, From Worst To Best

By | 87 Comments

A power ranking of (nearly) every album Jay-Z and Kanye West have released as solo artists, from worst to best.


How We Should Have Been The Mother: The Ted Mosby Girlfriend Power Rankings

By | 44 Comments

A ranking of all of Ted Mosby's girlfriends and one night stands on "How I Met Your Mother."


The 2011-12 With Leather NBA Power Rankings

By | 17 Comments

  As this is posted, I’ll be trying desperately to get mentally prepared for tonight’s preseason game between the Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat, as well as the idea that I won’t have many more chances to enjoy Dwight Howard in a Magic jersey.


Congratulations To The Indianapolis Colts!

By | 13 Comments

Well, the time comes when the lights need to be turned on and the party must end.


“Suck For Luck” Power Rankings: Week 9

By | 9 Comments

With news that Peyton Manning’s neck is simply not healing as expected, it has become clearer than ever that the Indianapolis Colts may be without their legendary franchise quarterback for longer than just this season.

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