What’s It Like To Write A Song For The Devil?

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<a href=""> We've all seen a few episodes of "Making The Band," including the one with the infamous "cheesecake walk." That alone makes the idea of working for <a href="">the devil</a> repulsive if you have a vertebrae and walk upright.

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The iPod Shuffle – “Everything I Love”

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<a href=""> I'm not all that religious but I have a full sixteen years of church-going under my belt, which is the required amount if you grow up in The Bible Belt. If I remember the story of Easter well enough, I imagine that when Jesus rose to shock the hell out of the people of Galilee he would have a few newly-healed lepers to walk behind him carrying a boombox and playing his theme music. Rod & staff (they comfort him) in tow, imagine the imposing figure he would pose to non-believers as Cee-Lo's belting chorus and Kanye's blaring beat rumbled in the background. Too bad <a href="">Lucifer</a> had to be on this track.

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