BREAKING: The Rock Isn’t Black Anymore, According To ‘The Atlantic’

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The Atlantic wrote about how WWE has never had a black WWE Champion and forgot to mention The Rock. Because he's not black anymore. Really.


Rashad Evans May Be Done With MMA, But His Fake Fighting Career Has Just Begun

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Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans is reportedly talking to people in the industry about making the jump from MMA to WWE.


Vintage Best And Worst: WWF In Your House – Buried Alive 1996

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The vintage Best and Worst of WWF In Your House Buried Alive '96, featuring Mankind and Undertaker and a hell of a lot of dirt.


Mick Foley Was Singing Creepy Church Songs Long Before Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt likes to sing 'He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.' Here's Mick Foley singing that on WWE TV 15 years before Bray.

oh no

Daniel Bryan’s Facing Another Career-Threatening Surgery And It Might Be Time To Get Worried

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Daniel Bryan's out with a neck injury, but reports are saying he may also require shoulder surgery and an indefinite absence from WWE.


Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 9/7/10 Season 3 Episode 1

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The vintage Best and Worst of NXT season 3, episode 1, originally aired on September 7, 2010. The Divas season has arrived and nothing's ok.


Sonic Doom: UltraMantis Black’s Debut Album Is Heavy On Aggression

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Our humble review of the debut EP of ULTRAMANTIS BLACK, the hardcore musical vessel of professional wrestling's own UltraMantis Black.


A Prison Inmate Has Sued WWE’s Natalya For Allegedly Making Him Her Sex Slave

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WWE's Natalya is being sued by an inmate who claims she beat him, was his weird traveling dominatrix and aborted his baby. Seems legit.

Erick Rowan

The Count: 5 Ways To Fix The Bray Wyatt Character

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On the first edition of 'The Count' -- Is Bray Wyatt the character holding back Bray Wyatt the performer? How do we fix that?


The Assumptive WWE Smackdown Spoilers Report For 7/11/14

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On this week's Assumptive WWE Smackdown Spoilers Report (7/11), EVERYBODY'S DISTRACTED AND LOSING BY ACCIDENT. EVERYBODY.


‘Rap Is Crap’ Is 15 Years Old So Let’s Reflect Upon Its Undeniable Glory

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There's only one thing that I hate, cause it's a bunch of crap. 'I Hate Rap' by the West Texas Rednecks is 15 years old, so let's look back.


Whoa: CM Punk Is Hosting The Red Carpet Coverage At The Alternative Press Music Awards

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CM Punk has come out of hockey hibernation to be the red carpet host for the upcoming Alt Press music awards in Cleveland.


Don’t Look Now, But Sting Is Up To Something (Maybe)

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Wrestling legend Sting is making cryptic tweets, and you know what that means: rampant, baseless speculation about a WWE run. IT'S SHOWTIME!


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 7/7/14: Un-Bolieve-A-Bull

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for July 7, 2014, featuring Bo Dallas vs. El Torito and basically all the same stuff as last week.


And Now, The Best Of The WWE Totino’s BOLD ‘Show Us Your Superstar’ Contest

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WWE is teaming up with a frozen pizza company to find the next WWE Superstar. Spoiler alert: it's none of these people.


WWE Raw Results 7/7/14

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Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for the July 7, 2014, episode.


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 7/7/14

By | 2,406 Comments

This week's WWE Raw open discussion thread, featuring Battleground hype (we think?) and maybe a sad retirement speech from a snake puppet.


Want To Feel Old Again? Hulk Hogan Turned On WCW And Formed The nWo 18 Years Old Today.

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If you need another reason to feel old, WCW Bash at the Beach 96 -- the show where Hulk Hogan formed the nWo -- happened 18 years ago today.


Announcing The Launch Of WITH SPANDEX, The Official UPROXX Pro Wrestling Portal

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UPROXX has a new pro wrestling portal, and we're calling it WITH SPANDEX. Welcome to a new age of complaining about the wrestling!


Leave The Snake Puppet Memories Alone: Santino Marella Has Announced His Retirement

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WWE Superstar Santino Marella has ended his in-ring career per an announcement made at a live event on Sunday. Son a ma gun.

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