Gary Oldman Will Build RoboCop. Yes Please.

THR reports Gary Oldman has signed on to star alongside Joel Kinnaman in MGM's remake of RoboCop, which will likely start filming in Toronto this Fall.


The New RoboCop Star Says RoboCop Is Going To Be More Human


Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman spoke to MTV about the José Padilha reboot of RoboCop, in which Kinnaman is starring as Alex Murphy.


The New RoboCop Is Going To Make A Killing


If you've been keeping track of our Now MGM has closed a deal, and the new RoboCop is someone else altogether: Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman.


MGM Wants Captain Kirk To Play RoboCop?

Twitchfilm reports MGM has chosen the actor they'd like to cast as RoboCop in the remake, although the casting isn't official and director Jose Padilha (of the awesome Elite Squad 2) may not have approved MGM's suggestion yet.

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