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University of Miami School of Law Set to Discuss Legal Status of Robots, Um, Okay

If you're anything like myself, then you constantly wake up in the middle of the night with nosebleeds, screaming and mumbling about the eventual robot apocalypse.

robot apocalypse

Oh Crap, Mario Kart Koopa Shells Now A Real World Threat (Videos)

You know, I've never really considered moving my ass out to Kansas City, but I will say that Michael Overstreet and his friends are making such a move that much more appealing.


JediBot Wants To Sword Fight Humans, Stanford University Approved (Video)


Although Stanford University still hasn't approved my most recent application (this one written in pencil), I refuse to believe that their entire campus is as lazy as the admissions department.

robot apocalypse

Dude Builds Robot That Can…Play Coin Dozer App All Day? (Video)

If I had to choose between A) robots playing iPhone game apps, and B) robots tracking me down using semi trucks a' la John Connor, I suppose I'd pick that first one there -and apparently Youtube user Stijntjhe feels the same way.

uncanny valley

Japan Unveils Robot That Can Laugh At Our Downfall


We all know that robots are going to destroy us, right.

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