This Terrifying Robot Just Wants To Dance, Presumably On Our Graves

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Artist Jordan Wolfson and Spectral Motion decided it would be a good idea to make a creepy robot that stares at people and dances. I don't get it either.


And Now There’s A Twitter-Powered Oreo Robot For Your Home


Your kitchen may never be the same once you let this little Oreo-making personal robot butler into your home.


Bot Or Not Proves That Computers And Humans Both Suck At Poetry


Bot Or Not is a site that asks you to distinguish between bad human poety and bad robot poetry. It's a lot harder than it sounds.

#video games

Think ‘Flappy Bird’ Is Hard? This Chinese Robot Says Otherwise.

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Time to pack it in America, China has beat you at 'Flappy Bird'...

The Internet

Humans Are The Minority When It Comes To Internet Traffic


Internet traffic is not controlled by the humans. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


DARPA Is Now Building Transformers

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Transformers are inching towards reality, thanks to the military's mad science lab.


Google Will Soon Replace Chinese Factory Worker Slaves With Robots

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Google robots are being looked at to finally make buying your smartphone a bit less guilt-inducing.


Good God, Somebody Turned A 3D Printer Into An Air Hockey Dominating Robot

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If the world wasn't already filled with enough godless killing machines, here's a 3D printer turned into a robot that dominates you at air hockey.


Meet RoboSimian, Your New Terrifying Robot Spider Overlord


Sure, RoboSimian is based on the movement of apes. Right. Sure it is. Anybody got a large robotic shoe?


Meet Cubli, The Cube That Walks


The Cubli is a cube that can basically go anywhere. Thanks, robotics!

uh oh

A New Artificial Muscle Will Make Robots A Thousand Times Stronger Than You

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Oh, great, yes, let's give the robots artificial muscle. That will totally end well!


Dinosaurs, Robots, And Vikings: 'Kung Fury' Is Already The Must-See Movie Of 2014

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The first trailer for '80s-style cheesefest action comedy 'Kung Fury' is here, and it's everything we could have asked for and more.


Dolph Lundgren's Zombies And Robots Movie 'Battle Of The Damned' Has A New Red-Band Trailer

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Another trailer for Dolph Lundgren's sassy robots and zombies movie? It's a Christmas miracle!


‘Battle Of The Damned’ Has Robots, Zombies, And Dolph Lundgren

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'Battle of the Damned' has Dolph Lundgren teaming up with robots to fight zombies. Admit it, you want to see the trailer based just on that.


Stephen Colbert Has An Adorable Plan To Fight Google’s Terrifying New Robot Army

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Google's acquisition of a robotics company might have you concerned, but fear not: Stephen Colbert has a plan.


Here’s Why Google Wants To Build Robots

By | 7 Comments

Google has been on a major robot buying spree, and it might be for reasons other than you might think.


Google Has Acquired A Menagerie Of Robots To Advance Technology And Conquer Humanity

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Are you ready for Google robots to assist you with your day to day tasks? Or will this lead to our demise?


Here’s A Robocaller That Refuses To Admit It’s A Robot

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Robocallers just want to be people, at least if they work for health insurance companies.


NASA Reveals Their Android, Valkyrie, To The World

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Valkyrie looks like Iron Man's Mark VIII Armor, but it's actually NASA's attempt to revolutionize robotics.


The Military’s Walking Terminator Robot Is Now Advanced Enough To Do Pratfalls

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DARPA has built a Terminator-like robot capable of physical comedy...

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