Judd Apatow Offers Life Advice To Teenage Girls


After coercing <a href="">Jon "Everybody Farts" Hamm</a> and <a href="">Paul "Men Love Boobs" Rudd</a> to sit down and record "Ask a Grown Man" videos in which they answer questions from teenage girls, <a href="">Rookie Mag</a> follows up with comedy fancy pants Judd Apatow in the video above.


Jon Hamm Answers Questions From Teenage Girls, Continues To Be Good At Everything

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When Josh checked in yesterday with our friend the Hammster he <a href="" target="_blank">was spitting hot fire with the "Comedy Bang Bang" crew</a>.


Paul Rudd Explains Why Men Love Boobs

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Prior to yesterday, I was not familiar with <a href="">Rookie Mag</a>, and that is a very good thing because it is a website for teenage girls, and I don’t need people thinking I’m a bigger perv than I already am.

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