Jennie Finch Needs to Stop Naming Babies Immediately

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As an Olympic gold medalist who also happens to be super hot, Jennie Finch is one of the most famous and recognizable women in the history of softball.


The Dugout: Buster Posey, 1998-2011

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It's been almost six months in Internet time since Buster Posey went down to a debilitating <a href="">"entire body" injury</a>, and Giants fans want answers.


Buster Posey Breaks Legs, Tears Ligaments, Dies, Goes to Heaven

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Adorable San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey was absolutely ENDED by Scott Cousins during a play at the plate last night, and the news keeps getting worse.


Bonds Does Something Noble, Nobody Wants to Report It

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San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was brutally beaten into a coma outside of Dodger Stadium, and his story has been a circus of tributes and accusations.


Keenan, Brian Wilson’s Beard Join Forces

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<a href="">Keenan Cahill</a> suffers from a rare genetic disease called MPS Type 6, which has restricted the 16-year-old's growth and movement physically, but not the spread of the countless viral videos that this little dude has been creating for years.


Columnist Suggests Giants Fan In Coma Should Have Known Better

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We've been dodging this story of Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was attacked in LA almost two weeks ago, because there's nothing to express other than absolute sadness.


Baseball is Boring: Weekend Update

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Baseball has been a bit undersold at With Leather, so I've decided to take a break from nonstop webcomics and professional wrestling to remedy the problem.

the feds

The Dugout: Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training 2011 (Not Really)

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Barry Bonds is on trial for perjury in one of the biggest sports story of the year (and of the last two years, and of the next three).

the feds

Barry Bonds Is Still On Trial

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Opening statements for the Barry Bonds perjury trial in U.


Charlie Sheen + Brian Wilson = BFF

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If you’re the general manager of a baseball franchise, there are a few things that you’d probably rather not hear, like your star first baseman was arrested for DUI, or your ace is dating Alyssa Milano, or Lady Gaga wants to visit the clubhouse.


Timmy Lincecum’s New Mustache Is Precious

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San Francisco Giants right-handed starter Tim Lincecum is almost ready for the day pitchers and catchers report for spring training, and a picture of his new look is circling around the Internet now.


And I’m Lying In Bed With Thai Whores, Just Like Brian Wilson Did

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San Franciso Giants reliever Brian Wilson has booted up a new tour of insanity for 2011, kicking off with an appearance on "Lopez Tonight," which I'm told is a talk show on TBS.


Rob Schneider: Actual Baseball Fan

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I thought it was odd that Saturday Night Live alumnus Rob Schneider, of all people, wound up hosting the San Francisco Giants' ticker tape parade earlier this week.

San Quinn

The San Francisco Giants Have A Theme Song

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<a href=""> Can you imagine <a href="">how high Tim Lincecum</a> is about to get now.


It’s Your Time To Shine, San Fran

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The San Francisco Giants have ended 56 years of tortured hippie fan tears, as they overcame the tyranny of the Texas Rangers and won the first World Series in the West Coast history of the franchise.


Need Another Reason To Hate Justin Bieber?

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Here's an image of Justin Bieber committing the cardinal sin of sporting gear from more than two teams in the same league.


Breaking News: People In San Francisco Smoke Weed

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There's an obscure event going on in Texas and San Francisco called the World Series.


Giants Fans Are Desperate For Tickets

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Now that the world’s prayers have been answered and baseball TV ratings powerhouse monsters the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants will begin World Series action tonight, fans of these storied franchises are doing whatever they can to get their hands on tickets to the games, as if it’s rare for them to make it this far.


Brian Wilson Does The Greatest Interviews

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You might want to grab a handrail, as we're about to drop our second straight baseball post.

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