Trick Daddy

The Primer: 10 Trick Daddy Songs Everyone Should Know

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Our most kid-friendly Primer yet focuses on Dade County's most unappreciated superstar.

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Deuce Poppi Feat. Rick Ross – “My White Friends (Remix)”

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<a href=""> Things have been too serious around here these days. We have all these in-depth discussions and cultural analyses going on, it's time to take a break. And our most recent dose of well-executed ignorant escapism comes courtesy of Deuce Poppi and Rick Ross. Maybe it was four years surrounded by white people in undergrad, but Hip-Hop tracks dedicated to Caucasians have a special place in my heart (I'm looking at you "<a href="">White Girl</a>" and "<a href="">Party Like A Rockstar</a>").


Trina Feat. Lady Gaga – “Let Them H*es Fight”

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It appears as if <a href="">Da Baddest Bitch</a> has tapped into the boorish cash cow known as <a href="">Lady Gaga</a>.

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Duece Poppi – “Go Poppi Go”

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While most of the rap world is either trying to A) Keep it hood or B) go pop (so they don't have to keep it hood, of course), way down in ATL a young man named <a href="">Duece Poppi</a> is trying to recreate a scene.

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Shonie Feat. Fabolous – “Can’t Let Go”

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The chocolate sweetheart <a href="">Shonie</a> has finally become official.

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