How NBA All-Star Weekend 2009 Reunited Shaq And Kobe While Birthing Drake And Kevin Durant

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All Star Weekend 2009 helped further prove the notion rap and basketball have never-ending parallels.


“Hail Justo! 2K9? – The Best Mixtapes Of 2009

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The streets are Hip-Hop and we're Hip-Hop so the streets belong to us.


Drake’s Tape Is The Best We Ever Had

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As those with credence begin to amass and rank the year, the bloggers will begin to jeer & lob tomatoes.


“I Never Cried When Pac Died”

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MTV Shows "But I Probably Will When Hov Does.


Drake Feat. Trey Songz – “Successful” Video

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And now the winner of the most anticipated, previewed, sneak previewed, behind the scene'ed & short teaser'ed video known to Hip-Hop - even outranking "Run This Town" - we have Drake's "Successful.

Young Money Records

Too Little, Too Late?

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Way back in February, when it was being downloaded at ridiculous rates, TC & I kept saying that Drake should've found some way to sell that tape.


Drake – “Best I Ever Had” Video

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Kanye dons the director hat, opening with a porntastic scene with the presence of knockers.


Just Another Drake Post…

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The future of the Hip-Hop music industry as we know it is in Drake’s hands.



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Personally, I avoid Lil’ Wayne affiliated projects and artists, figuring that eventually what’s out there will trickle down to me through Young Money’s domination of Hip-Hop for everyone under 25.


Drake – So Far Gone (Chopped N’ Screwed) Mixtape

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At this-this rate, So Far Gone-Gone will have its own-own Broaaaadway play because anything's possible when you officially been chopped and screwwweeed.


Drake – So Far Gone Mixtape

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A without further adieu, October's Very Own proudly presents So Far Gone.


“Say What’s Real…”

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808's and Heartbreak could have been great.

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