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10 Of Pop Culture's Most Famous Bites

By | 11 Comments

In the latest commercial for Dewar’s Highlander Honey, Claire Forlani asks the thought-provoking question: “What is sweetness without a little bite.

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Before And After: 10 Impressive Actor Transformations From Onscreen To Off

By | 22 Comments

Even the male celebrities that are often considered to be the "best looking" and "least repulsive" have their off days.

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Where Have We Seen The Cast Of BBC America's 'Copper' Before?

By | 25 Comments

A look back at the CV of the regular players on BBC America's 'Copper'


10 TV Dads That We Wish Would Adopt Us

By | 51 Comments

Here’s a little tribute to those dads that we wished would have adopted us.


Having Hangover Brunch With The Cast Of TBS’s ‘Sullivan & Son’

By | 58 Comments

Sponsored Post: One of the keys to a good show is believability, and in that respect, Sullivan & Son is an excellent one.

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Please Watch Games With Farm Animals Responsibly


Ditch the herd. But mind the high fives.

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This Guitar-Playing Sheep Just Stole Your Girlfriend

By | 3 Comments

Ditch the herd. Let the sheep in this Corona Light ad be your spirit animal.


Corona Light Explores The Intense World Of Animal On Animal Hunting In New Internet Ad Done Right


Corona Light's new "Ditch the Herd" spot hits on all points. Not to give the whole thing away, but a deer hunting sheep is a conflicted sheep.

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