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Biggs Darklighter From ‘Star Wars: Episode IV’ Is Finally Getting His Turn In The Spotlight


Actor Garrick Hagon tells the story of his role as Biggs Darklighter in the new documentary 'Blast it Biggs! Where are you?!'.

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Enjoy This Shot-For-Shot Remake Of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Using Nothing But Fan Clips

480 fans came together to make this wonderful remake of 'The Empire Strikes Back.'


The Emmy-winning, fan-made Star Wars compilation


26-year-old former Vimeo developer Casey Pugh recently released this sneak peek at Star Wars Uncut, a 10-minute closeup of David Prowse's uncircumcised penis a feature-length re-enactment of Star Wars cut together from user-submitted footage.

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“Star Wars Uncut” To Erase Memory of “Special” Edition

You know, we're still kind of amazed that after a solid decade of emotional abuse, prequels, and Cartoon Network series (including a frickin' sitcom), that anybody still loves "Star Wars".

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