The Bizarre Story Of A Naked Teen Who Broke Into A House And Started Masturbating

A naked 17 year old boy was shot after breaking into a husband and wife's home and proceeded to masturbate on their porch.


‘Tech Guru’ Conan O’Brien Tested Some Stress-Relieving Apps For You

Claiming that he has a very tough job, Conan O'Brien decided to give some stress relief apps a chance on his phone.


Can Stress Actually Kill You?

How much should you stress about stress.


Cheating On Your Spouse Can Kill You

Here's a good reason, beyond societal judgement, divorce, shame, financial difficulty, and broken families to not cheat on your spouse: it makes you more likely to drop dead.


Is Your Ugly Boyfriend Stressing You Out?

In societies that believe in monogamy, most people find someone eventually.

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