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UPROXX Video: Time To Party With The 5-Second Films Spring Break Compilation

By | 3 Comments

The latest 5SF mega compilation wraps all things spring and break (and alcohol and drugs and homicide) related into a neat little package.

Viral Videos

Here's Every Movie Reference On 'Community' Mashed Together In One Must Watch Supercut

By | 19 Comments

Watch (almost) all of Community's most excellent movie homages and parodies in (almost) chronological order.


Important Supercut: Every Time Rick Has Butchered Carl's Name On 'The Walking Dead'

By | 14 Comments

Rick Grimes is unable to say his son CARL's name correctly on "The Walking Dead."


Funky Supercut: Dancing in Movies


It doesn't get any better than the pretending-to-be-strangers-but-whispering-secret-plans dance.


This Supercut Of Every Christopher Walken Dance Scene Is A Glorious Masterpiece

By | 31 Comments

All of Christopher Walken's dance sequences together in one perfect remix.


Centered: A Wes Anderson Supercut Proves Wes Anderson Is Obsessed With Symmetry

By | 4 Comments

First Kubrick, now Wes Anderson, Vimeo user kogonada delivers a supercut of signature visual styles


1,001 Must-See Movies in One Majestic Supercut

By | 3 Comments

1,001 movies you should see before you die in one super cut.

jerry seinfeld

If 'Seinfeld' Was Truly A Show About Nothing, It Would Have Looked Like This Eerie Supercut

By | 12 Comments

What if Seinfeld really was a show about nothing? This supercut holds the answer.


Crowdsourcing Supercuts: What’s Your Favorite Prison Rape Threat?

By | 39 Comments

Help Oliver complete a supercut by remembering your favorite cinematic threat of prison rape.


Please Allow Rust Cohle’s Bleak, Dark, & Nihilistic Worldview To Prepare You For The Weekend

By | 36 Comments

Some men are darker, bleaker and more nihilistic than others. And then there's Rust Cohle.

game of thrones

At Least HBO’s #RoastJoffrey Gave Us This Sniveling Joffrey Supercut


Just under a minute of Joffrey being the weasel-iest of weasels with a few solid face slaps mixed it in.

viral video

Get Down! (Movie Supercut)


When the going gets tough, there's only one thing movie characters can do: GET DOWN!

slow motion

WATCH: All Of Wes Anderson’s Slow-Motion Shots In One Beautiful Video

By | 34 Comments

Put down your soy chai and turn off your vintage turntable, because here's a supercut of every Wes Anderson slow-motion shot.


The ‘Star Trek Derp Trailer’ Is The Most Logical Use Of Gag Reel Footage


Slacktory makes "derp trailers", re-cut trailers for movies made from the blooper footage. The 'Star Trek Derp Trailer' may be the best one yet.


UPROXX Video: The Sterling Archer One-Liners Supercut Is Like The Pelé Of Supercuts

By | 42 Comments

UPROXX Video has done the internet a favor and edited together your new supercut spirit guide.

dancing in movies

The Pointer Sisters’ ‘Neutron Dance’ Improves Every Movie Dance Scene

By | 15 Comments

Play "Neutron Dance" over Fred Astaire, and you've got yourself one classic movie.


Here’s A Supercut Of Film & TV Stars Acting In Commercials Before They Were Famous

By | 10 Comments

Steve Carrell once tried to sell chicken to the masses. Oh the things they did before they were famous.


Important Update: There's A Part Two Of The Best News Bloopers Of 2013

By | 5 Comments

Here's 15 more minutes of live news bloopers, from the same people who brought you the original Best News Bloopers of 2013 supercut.

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