quentin tarantino

Check Out Every Death Scene From Quentin Tarantino’s Movies In This Bloody Supercut


Watch every last gangster and hitman from Quentin Tarantino's movies meet his maker in this graphic supercut.

the colbert report

Crunch Some Numbers With This Supercut Of Stephen Colbert Using A Calculator

By | 4 Comments

Allow this wonderful supercut of Stephen Colbert mashing the keys on his calculator on 'The Colbert Report' to brighten your day.


‘The Ultimate Charles Bronson Movie Trailer’ Is A Feast Of Leathery Vigilantism

By | 20 Comments

New supercut proves that of Charles Bronson's movies were insanely similar. And we're all okay with that.


The Food In Movies Supercut Is The Perfect Ode To The Beauty Of Stuffing One’s Face


There's a long history of delicious food in movies and this supercut is trying to cover it all.


Samuel Jackson Saying Motherf**ker, The Ultimate Supercut

By | 9 Comments

Samuel L. Jackson has uttered the word "motherf*cker" 171 times in his film career and this video has every one of them.


At Long Last, The Gary Oldman Movie Death Supercut

By | 3 Comments

You might think Sean Bean dies in everything, but Gary Oldman is clearly hot on his heels.


Please Enjoy This Glorious F*cking Supercut Of Kids Cursing In Movies

By | 7 Comments

If you enjoy the beautiful sounds of curse words coming out of children, you might like this supercut.


The Amazing ‘We Can Dance’ Supercut Trilogy Is Finally Complete

By | 19 Comments

The third installment of Robert Jones's 'We Can Dance' movie supercuts is just as delightful as the first two.


The ‘Are You Kidding Me?’ Supercut Will Leave You In Absolute Disbelief

By | 10 Comments

The latest Screen Junkies supercut takes on the very commonly used phrase: 'Are you kidding me?'


Here’s A Fun Supercut Of All The Times Brett’s Been Shot On ‘Archer’

By | 10 Comments

A supercut of all the times Brett's been shot on 'Archer' has sorely been missing from the internet. Now that's fixed.


Here’s A Supercut Of Every Time Bob Says ‘Oh My God’ On ‘Bob’s Burgers’

By | 2 Comments

Do you know how many times Bob has said 'oh my god' on 'Bob's Burgers'? Hundreds? Possibly THOUSANDS?


Here’s All Of Wilfred’s Terrible Advice In One Handy Supercut

By | 6 Comments

Wilfred's not a good dog, but he's even worse when it comes to advice, as this supercut proves.


Here’s Nearly 11 Minutes Of 1980s-Tastic ‘Double Dare’ Prizes

By | 7 Comments

If I had discovered a Genie when I was seven years old, and he granted me three wishes (as it's written in the landmark case of Shaq v.

#game of thrones

And Now For Every On-Screen Death In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4

By | 4 Comments

RIP all you doomed fictional souls. Except for you know who.


Reminisce With Some Of The Worst Examples Of Movies That Have Been Edited For TV

By | 60 Comments

The best movies get the worst treatment when they come to television. Witness some of the most glaring in this supercut.


Watch The 10 Most Ridiculous On-Screen Deaths In Movie History In One Supercut

By | 21 Comments

Lots of characters die on screen. Only a few characters get to die in spectacularly ridiculous fashion.


New Supercut Combines All Of The Cinematic Penis Nicknames

By | 16 Comments

Lots of guys in movies have dumb nicknames for their penises, as this supercut shows.


The ‘Don’t Die On Me’ Supercut Is Here To Will You Into Living

By | 3 Comments

Another great supercut highlighting all the times you've heard 'don't you die on me' on film. Watch it and you'll live forever!

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