Talen Ted

Talen Ted – Legends Day (Beat Tape)

When a budding producer such as Talen Ted drops an instrumental project like Legends Day, you wonder why no one's rapped to these beats.

Talen Ted

Ryshon Jones – “Everybody’s Ho(Oral)”

With a sample from Gangsta Gibbs’ ode to local young ladies in possession of what he colorfully described as *ahem* “friendly pussy,” Ryshon Jones treads similar ground on his new release “Everybody’s Ho(oral).

Thelonious Martin

Ryshon Jones – Basqui Mixtape

Whether you're keen to Ryshon Jones yet, or not, just know this budding Philly rhymer is working overtime to make sure that won't be the case for long.

Talen Ted

Ryshon Jones – “Black”

It's interesting that Ryshon Jones mentions "nuclear bombs" in his newly released Talen Ted-produced track, "Black," because it sounds like the dystopic marching anthem for an army that's about to obliterate humanity.

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