Carly Rae Jepsen Throws The Worst First Pitch Ever

Pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen "throws" the ceremonial first pitch at Tropicana Field prior to a game betwen the Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays.


Matt Joyce Is Assassinating Astros Fans With Well-Placed Foul Balls

If you are a Houston Astros fan at Minute Maid Park (one of the illustrious 15 or so in attendance), Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Matt Joyce is not afraid to sink your battleship.


The Ghost Of Christopher Lloyd Saved Rays Reporter Kelly Nash From An Instagram Death


What you're looking at is the best-possible and most serendipitous sports "selfie" you can take.


This Dog Doesn’t Like Baseball Video Games

Please forgive my inability to identify baseball video games, since the only games that I play are old school Final Fantasy re-releases for the iPad because I’m a ballllllller.


The Hooters Ball Girl #cangetit, But Only If It’s Fair


If your Monday morning is starting off badly, consider that it could always be worse.


The Tampa Bay Rays Are The Best At Giving Stuff Away


With Spring Training here, it’s time for the most important part of any Major League Baseball preseason – checking out what kind of free stuff teams will be giving away this season.


Taiwan Animation Says Yankees Are Done, Attacks C.C. With Fishing Net


Taiwan's Next Media Animation has really gone above and beyond with their latest effort, calmly titled, "New York Yankees 2012 season goes off the rails".


Ridiculous Poll Of The Day: Is Don Zimmer More Like Darth Vader Or Emperor Palpatine?


This photo, which I probably should've shared without comment, was taken at Sunday's "Star Wars Day At The Ballpark" game between the Tampa Bay Rays and Seattle Mariners at Tropicana Field.


The Dugout: A Pussy Move


Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon and Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson have spent the last few days insulting each other over an incident involving pine tar on Joel Peralta's gloves.


Which Major League Baseball Player Tried To Crash A Porn Star's Birthday Party?


To celebrate her 24th birthday and status as Penthouse’s June Pet of the Month, Alexis Ford invited more than a dozen of her peers to party with her at With Leather’s unofficial headquarters, Rick’s Cabaret, in New York City.


Move Over 'Bad Date At The Astros Game'


Back in 2010, we were introduced to a young couple at a Houston Astros game, as they became instant Internet celebrities thanks to every sports blog on the planet and eventually Daniel Tosh.


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Tampa Bay Rays


Baseball season is officially upon us, and that means only one thing -- the return of The Dugout, the Internet's longest running and most critically acclaimed webcomic about baseball players with pun screen names pretending to curse at each other over AIM.


GET PUMPED: DJ Kitty Is The Tampa Bay Rays’ New Mascot

Sometimes Florida does something so awesome we briefly forget about the classy hairstyles and the epic mugshots and all the other crazy headlines which make us want to separate the state from the rest of us Bugs Bunny style.


The Dugout: The Comeback Pool


After a brief hiatus caused by me doing this goddamn comic strip seven years in a row without stopping and needing a break inactivity in the world of baseball, The Dugout is back and ready to tackle the tough issues, such as Manny Ramirez going swimming with a bunch of old people in a T.

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