With Leather’s Watch This: Congrats Braves?


I don’t want to bag on the Atlanta Braves, because I have a lot of friends who are #BARVES fans and I respect their fanfare.


With Leather’s Watch This: Wrasslin’, Son


I plan on being in a pile of vegetative worthless flesh on my couch by the time any of tonight’s sports action begins, but there’s plenty of good stuff on tonight so you won’t have to watch Big Bang Theory reruns.


Sports On TV: King Of The Hill’s 25 Greatest Sports Moments


Previous 'Sports On TV' columns (for 'Saved By The Bell' and 'Full House') have been fun to write but a pain to suffer through for research, because seriously, have you tried watching an 8th season episode of 'Full House' in 2012.


This Video Don't Impress Me Much

The woman in Yu Darvish needs the man in you.


Still Pretty Good For A Guy With No Legs


Actor Gary Sinise has accomplished a lot in his 35-year film career -- he's shot Lennie Small in the back of the head, gone on a mission to Mars, helped the Apollo astronauts get back to Earth and dropped an atomic bomb on World War II Japan -- but he's most famous for his role as Forrest Gump's lieutenant Dan Taylor, a depressed amputee who comes from a long line of soldiers with a dubious history of dying in combat.


Oh God, The Ron Washington Puppet


Go into the light until we meet again.


Josh Hamilton Will Not Stop Murdering The Baltimore Orioles


Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers has hit six home runs in the series against the Baltimore Orioles, including Tuesday's game wherein he became only the sixth player in the history of the American League to hit four homers in a single game.


Josh Hamilton Makes History With Four Home Runs In One Game


Josh Hamilton joined one of the burliest clubs in all of professional sports Tuesday night, as the Texas Rangers center-fielder clobbered four home runs against the Baltimore Orioles.


Update: Turns Out Crybaby Rangers Fan Has Pretty Good Parents


Yesterday, we had a pretty great discussion about the young Texas Rangers fan who cried when Mitch Moreland tossed a ball into the stands and it was caught by a couple that spent the next 10 minutes taking photos of each other with that ball.


Once Again, Kids Learn That Crying Gets Them Whatever They Want


We’ve had some great conversations here in the past about baseball fan etiquette and, more specifically, what is right and wrong when it comes to little kids and foul balls.


Jose Canseco On His Home Run Blooper Hat: “It Belongs In A Museum!”


Following Jose Canseco’s Twitter antics has become a little boring as of late, because he exists somewhere in between outright lunatic and classic Internet troll, and his global warming prophecies of doom and desire to coach lottery winners on how to spend their money – I ain’t kidding, folks – had everything pointing toward the latter.


Derek Holland’s Mustache Delivered The Weather


Derek Holland was nothing more than just another Texas Rangers pitcher before he won our hearts during the 2011 World Series with his impression of Will Ferrell's impression of legendary Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray.


Albert Pujols Murders Rangers Pitching With A Gun In Latest Taiwanese Animation


In case you ever wanted to see Albert Pujols pull out a pistol and shoot somebody in the face, here's Next Media Animation's latest encapsulation of current events.


Today: The Only Time We Get To Care About The Houston Astros All Year


The sale of the Houston Astros to Houston businessman Jim Crane from technological monster Drayon McLane is official, and after the 2012 baseball season wraps up the 50-year strong National League squad will pack their their things, wait a moment, then unpack them in the same spot as an American League West stalwart.


Texas Rangers Defeat Truman


By way of our friends at Big League Stew comes a fantastic idea -- getting a "World Champs 2011" tattoo on your chest when your favorite baseball team has just blown two one-strike-and-we're-out opportunities in Game 6 of the World Series.

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