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Joel McHale Wants Nothing To Do With Hosting ‘The Daily Show': ‘I Don’t Think I’m Smart Enough’

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Joel McHale doesn't feel that he's smart enough to step into Jon Stewart's hosting shoes on 'The Daily Show.'


Joel McHale Discusses Being A Dyslexic TV Host And How His Mom Tried To Ruin His Career

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Joel McHale joined NPR's Terry Gross for a wide-ranging interview that covered everything from his dyslexia to his career in entertainment.


What’s On Tonight: Oh My God, Where Did All The TV Shows Go?

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Tonight's TV listings are a barren wasteland. Here's the little there is.


Patton Oswalt Dropped By ‘The Soup’ To Help Make Fun Of The World’s Weirdest ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant

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Joel McHale takes aim at one of the all-time weirdest Jeopardy contestants with the help from some friends.


Joel McHale Shows Letterman How He Licked A Skull And Corrupted His Son During His Trip To Paris

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Joel McHale explains how bone tastes on 'Letterman' and gives me enough proof to name the McHales family of the year.


Dan Harmon’s Cobra Commander Shirt And Other Highlights From The ‘Community’ Cast On ‘The Soup’

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If Dan Harmon's fat guy-Cobra Commander shirt look doesn't have you convinced Community is returning to form, nothing will.


The So-Called ‘Greatest Clip’ In ‘The Soup’ History Involves A Dog And A Cheerio

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Behold, the clip Joel McHale called the "greatest clip" in "The Soup" history.


Joel McHale + The Insane Clown Posse = A Strangely Funny Clip From ‘The Soup’

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While pretending to be the stars of Fifty Shades of Grey, the Insane Clown Posse had host Joel McHale on the verge of tears.


What’s On Tonight: The 500th Episode of ‘The Soup’!

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The best (and worst) of tonight's listings, including "The Bridge" and the 500th episode of "The Soup."


Reality Stars Sing ‘We Ruined the World’ On ‘The Soup’ (And The Morning Links)

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To celebrate the end of the world, 'The Soup' got a bunch of reality stars together to sing 'We Ruined the World.' It is TERRIBLE.


What’s On Tonight: Whitney’s Back, You Guys!

By | 18 Comments

A guide to the best and worst of the TV listings for Wednesday, November 14.


Joel McHale Is Staying On ‘The Soup’ For Awhile

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"The Soup" has signed on for two more reasons and got a production deal — but what does that mean for That Other Show?


Joel McHale Spoofs Michael F. Assbender's 'Prometheus' Promo (and the Morning Links)

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15 Ironic T-Shirts The NBA Should Also Sell — (With Leather) 5 Possible Directors for The “Black Panther” Movie — (Gamma Squad) Beyond Radiohead: 10 Lesser-Known Acts To Check Out At Bonnaroo — (Uproxx) 10 Instances Of Jennifer Love Hewitt Looking Gloriously Thick [...].


TV GIFs of the Week

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There’s no reason why you need an introduction to “GIFs of the Week” every Monday, other than I need something to fill up the space beneath the banner image.


Vanilla Ice Sings ‘Ice, Ice Baby’/’Ninja Rap’ Medley to Group of Hipsters

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Nothing says irony quite like a white rapper performing acoustic versions of his own songs in Echo Park, California.


TV GIFs of the Week

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After being away for a few weeks for various seasonal celebrations (thanks, Jesus and/or Maccabees) and other holidays (thanks, having dreams), the GIF of the Week feature is back.

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