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Baltimore Resident Uses Obscure 65-Year-Old Law To Mess With Ticketmaster

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Want to know how to give the middle finger to Ticketmaster? Use the law.


The Real Reason Ticketmaster Is Getting Rid Of Captchas: They’re Perverted

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Ticketmaster is cutting its ties from Captcha, so let's take a look at undecipherable Captchas we'll never have to deal with again.


Louis C.K. Announces New Tour, Screws Ticketmaster & Scalpers By Selling Tickets Himself

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At this point it's no secret to anyone that being forced to deal with Ticketmaster when purchasing tickets to concerts, sporting events, comedy show, etc.

eddie vedder

If You Bought Tickets From Ticketmaster In The Past 12 Years, They Owe You A Refund

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Somewhere, <a href="">Eddie Vedder and the other guys in Pearl Jam are smiling</a>, as <a href="">they've been FINALLY vindicated</a> to some degree.

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