Here Is The Incredible ‘Trick Shot Titus 3′, Co-Starring Channing Tatum And Bradley Cooper

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Titus Ashby is back with 'Trick Shot Titus 3,' co-starring Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper.

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Trick Shot Titus Demolished Channing Tatum In A Basketball Shootout On Spanish Television

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Channing Tatum lost in a basketball shootout to 2-year old phenom Trick Shot Titus on the Spanish talk show El Hormiguero.

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Trick Shot Titus Gets His Revenge


After <a href="">getting hit in the face</a> with a basketball thrown by Fox & Friends anchor Brian Kilmeade, Internet sensation Trick Shot Titus gets a chance to return the favor.


A Fox News Anchor Made Trick Shot Titus — A Toddler Basketball Prodigy — Cry

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Toddler basketball prodigy Trick Shot Titus appeared on "Fox & Friends" this morning, and began crying after an anchor hit him in he face with the ball.


Fox News Anchor Injures Trick Shot Titus


Internet sensation <a href="">Trick Shot Titus</a> made an appearance on Fox & Friends to show off his basketball skills, and everything was going great until Brian Kilmeade threw him an ill-fated pass.

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