“The Other Side” – Review Of The Roots’ undun

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The artwork for The Roots’ thirteenth studio album undun depicts a child completely inverted, mid-air, after springing up from a frayed, dirty and potentially dangerous, mattress.


Notable Quotable – Dice Raw On “One Time”

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"I wonder when you die do you hear harps and bagpipes If you born on the other side of the crack pipe Niggas learn math just to understand the crack price Then dive in head first like a jack knife Cause out here, yo you niggas can’t belly flop If you wanna make the noise inside your belly stop One time means being on the front line Being on the front line means ducking one time The pendulum swinging my way Couldn’t be more blind Niggas talk to the cops.


First Listen: The Roots’ “undun”

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Even though there were a few diehards showing discipline to refrain from listening to last night's "One Time" leak, the ever-ready folks over at NPR plops down with the "like we always do about this time" face and comes through with the big enchilada for us to gobble up in its entirety before the December 6 street date.


The Roots Feat. Phonte & Dice Raw – “One Time”

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I refuse to listen to anything undun more than once, if that much.


The Roots Feat. Aaron Livingston – “Sleep” Video


It's Tuesday, so it's time for some new material courtesy of The Legendary Roots Crew.


The Roots Feat. P.O.R.N. – “Stomp” Video

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Would you rather have a Lexus or justice.


The Roots Feat. Dice Raw – “Tip The Scale” Video

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If you're an absolute LRC head and are fiending to get undun to their next release, don't fret too much.

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T.I. “I’m Flexin'” x The Roots “Make My” Videos Featuring Big K.R.I.T.

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At this point, my anticipation for Live From The Underground has me willing to sacrifice a goat to the Soundscan gods.


First Look: The Roots’ “undun” Album Cover & Tracklisting

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The Roots’ 13th studio LP undun will be their first project that isn’t thematic in nature, but rather their initial venture into concept albums.


The Roots Feat. Big K.R.I.T. – “Make My”

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The Roots and Big K.R.I.T. didn't come together because they are labelmates.


The Roots Prepare To Get “Undun” With Their Thirteenth Studio Album

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Never missing a beat, whether they're on the road or helping Jimmy Fallon sound like Chuck D., Questlove recently unveiled great news for fans of The Roots.

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