University Of South Florida

A College Baseball Team Turned A Routine Grounder Into A Little League Blooper

Memphis University's Brandon Montgomery rounded the bases, and USF's infield just kind of let him do it. Pretty chill of them, brah.

University Of South Florida

College Lineman Danous Estenor Lifts Cadillac, Finds Man Trapped Underneath


Even as a realist, I firmly believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

University Of South Florida

USF’s Stan Heath Pitches You on The Big East’s Hottest Team


Stan Heath, whose eight-year head coaching career has already included three NCAA tournament appearances and two NBA players (Ronnie Brewer & Sonny Weems), is building something special at the University of South Florida.

Wilson Chandler

Ink with University of South Florida


If you are a Dime reader you know about one of our staple features, Ink.

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