Drew Goddard Pulls An Edgar Wright On ‘Daredevil,’ Steven S. DeKnight Takes Over

By | 6 Comments

'Daredevil' is still being run by a Buffy alum, just one more familiar with male nudity and stabbings.


Is YouTube Going To Start Streaming 4K Video?

By | 12 Comments

YouTube might be going to 4K streaming. Yes, for free.

xbox one

The Video Streaming Guide To The Xbox One And The PS4

By | 4 Comments

The PS4 and Xbox One will both have powerful video streaming features at launch... but which one should you choose?

video streaming

HBO’s Brilliantly Using ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Suck Up The Tech World

By | 5 Comments

HBO's opinion of the Internet has shifting drastically, now that they know how much money is in it.

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MPAA: Embedded Videos Are Copyright Violations

By | 2 Comments

There are moments, glimmers, where the MPAA has a reasonable argument.

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