Chozen, The White Gay Rapper – “Murder, Sex” Video

By | 12 Comments

A gay white rapper talking that murder murder, kill kill...and zombie sex, of course.


A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Offered His Best Bane Impression For An Answer

By | 23 Comments

On tonight's 'Jeopardy!' a contestant answered a question about 'The Dark Knight Rises' with a pretty good Bane impression.


Stop Everything And Check Out This Amazing Video Of A Helicopter Pilot Harvesting Christmas Trees

By | 4 Comments

Check out this amazing video of a helicopter pilot harvesting Christmas trees and pretend you could fly half as well.


On Marlo Stanfield, A Heartless Takeover & The “Price Of The Brick Goin’ Up….”

By | 53 Comments

Season 5 may not have been The Wire's greatest season, but don't blame Marlo Stanfield for that.

#emma stone

Here’s The First Trailer For The Second-Best ‘Spider-Man 2′ Movie Of All Time

By | 31 Comments

How do you start off your Thursday right? Maybe with a super kick-ass trailer for Marvel and Sony's upcoming <em>The Amazing Spider-Man 2</em>.


Watch Ron Burgundy Take Over A Local Newscast In North Dakota And Do What He Was Born To Do

By | 11 Comments

Watch Ron Burgundy take over this local newscast from Bismarck, North Dakota and actually report the news.


Pass The Peas: Watch The 1994 “Feast Or Famine” Thanksgiving Episode Of ‘Martin’

By | 30 Comments

Because sometimes, you just have to put your draws in it when cooking a Thanksgiving feast. Just like ol' Marty-Mar taught us.


Goddamn You, Seth MacFarlane! You Better Be Trolling Me!

By | 27 Comments

You guys, I'm all the way into my emotions today and it's not because I'm PMS-ing.


The Lovely Ladies Of Bel-Air: 20 Women Who All Caught The Fresh Prince’s Eye

By | 54 Comments

The list of ladies who caught Will's eye throughout the show's run is literally a who's-who of insanely hot women.


Here’s A Strange Mashup Of Rob Ford And The Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo Ad


For some reason, here's a very creepy mashup of Toronto mayor Rob Ford and the Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo ad.


The 10 Most Memorable Rap Moments On MTV’s ‘TRL’

By | 50 Comments

Saturday will mark five years since MTV aired its last episode of <em>Total Request Live</em>, so let's journey down memory lane and celebrate with the 10 greatest Hip-Hop moments in the show's history.


Welcome To Your Newest Vine Obsession Via This Hilarious Compilation

By | 3 Comments

Enjoy this hilarious Vine compilation from Logan Paul and try not to share it with friends, family and random grocery store clerks


Here’s a dolphin having sex with a headless fish corpse set to spy music

By | 52 Comments

This video of a dolphin having sex with a headless fish corpse isn't especially movie related, but I think you'll agree that the way the editor set the video to James Bond-y spy music is very cinematic.

#bill murray

Yahoo!’s 30 For 30 On The Final Game In ‘Space Jam’ Is Incredible

By | 19 Comments

The Yahoo! Sketchy team has created a fake 30 For 30 video that breaks down the final game in the animated classic Space Jam.

viral video

WATCH: Freak child can talk backwards like an Ozzy song

By | 4 Comments

WATCH: This 10-year-old can talk backwards perfectly, pronouncing any phrase backwards with ease and proving it on his iPad. Hopefully he only uses this power for good, and Slayer songs.


Watch This Insane Globetrotting Domino Trick!

By | 5 Comments

Watch this domino trick journey from the United States to Germany through an inventive collaboration that would make Rube Goldberg squeal with delight.


Who Remembers The Time Eminem Freestyled About Beyonce Being Fat?

By | 26 Comments

Thankfully, Internet memes weren't a thing when Eminem called Beyonce fat.


‘Gangster Party Line’ WIll Harden You Up For $4.99 Per Minute

By | 10 Comments

You should've known better than call my man on Shabbat, now you're going have to deal with him and his boys and their boys and that guy with the lazy eye.

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