And Now For Every On-Screen Death In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4

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RIP all you doomed fictional souls. Except for you know who.


Wil Wheaton Made A ‘Brady Bunch’ Intro For ‘Game Of Thrones’ And It Is Inspired

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The Wil Wheaton Project has attempted to tackle Game of Thrones mashups in a new and original way and they have succeeded.


Watch The 10 Most Ridiculous On-Screen Deaths In Movie History In One Supercut

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Lots of characters die on screen. Only a few characters get to die in spectacularly ridiculous fashion.


Celine Dion Issued A Video Message To The Guy Stranded At The Vegas Airport

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After Richard Dunn's 'All By Myself' airport video went viral, Celine Dion took to YouTube to invite him to use her bathroom next time.


Meet Milkshake, The Cow Who Thinks She’s A Dog That Will Have You Vowing Never To Eat Beef Again

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Milkshake, the cow who thinks she's a dog, is hands down the cutest cow we've ever seen.


This Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Already Been Given The Necessary Bon Jovi Treatment

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the internet has already come to remedy that last bit with an alternate take on her death that will not be topped.


Watch A Heroic Pickup Truck Driver Stop A D*ckhead Teen From Running Over Children

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A teen driver was getting too close to kids, until a pickup truck saved the day.

jimmy kimmel live

Of Course Jimmy Kimmel Tracked Down The Grocery Store Jam Session Viral Sensations

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Congratulations to everyone who had Jimmy Kimmel in the "Jimmy or Ellen?" pool.

Viral Videos

This Amazing Impromptu Three-Person Jam Session In Front Of A Grocery Story Is Taking Over The Internet

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Think of any inspirational music quote you've ever heard and this impromptu jam session video will affirm it.


And Now, For Hands Down The Stupidiest Thing You Will See On The Internet Today

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Stupidest or most brilliant thing on the internet? You decide!


Watch This Tractor Trailer Spectacularly Eat Sh*t By Ignoring The Overpass Height Regulation

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Trucks are not supposed to drive on parkways on Long Island because the overpasses are too low to pass under. Someone forgot to tell this dumbass.


Watch The Adorable Interview With The Boy Who Was Saved By His Cat From A Dog Attack

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Here's an interview with the little boy whose life was saved after his cat threw down and rescued him from a vicious dog attack.

Viral Videos

Watch This Hopelessly Dopey Dog Totally Suck At Catching Treats In Its Mouth

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Nana the dog might be good at some things. Catching treats in the air, she ain't.


Franzie Says Relax: This Adorable Cat Requesting Hugs Is Here To Give You Warm Fuzzies

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Franzie the cat cordially requests hugs in these adorable GIFs and videos. SOMEBODY HUG THAT CAT.


‘Wonderful London’ Shows How The City Hasn’t Changed In Ninety Years


'Wonderful London' shows just how little the city has changed in 90 years.


Who’s The Tough Guy Now, Jordin Tootoo?

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After the Grand Rapids Griffins' final regular season game, Jordin Tootoo gave a present to a young fan, and his reaction is the best.


This Russian Guy Just Filmed The Best Oculus Rift Reaction Video


A Russian guy riding a virtual roller coaster on the Oculus Rift gets pranked by his friends.

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