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Stop Everything And Watch This Adorable Corgi Cause Fire, Explosions And Mayhem

By | 13 Comments

This Corgi will destroy everything you love and do it with a happy Corgi smile on its silly Corgi face.


Watch This Giant Aquarium Break Open At The T-Rex Restaurant In Disney Orlando

By | 3 Comments

Yesterday afternoon a giant fish tank burst open at a dinosaur-themed restaurant in Downtown Disney while patrons sat eating at tables nearby.

Viral Videos

Dog Owner Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Dog Jumping On Bed, The Most Fun Video Ever Happens

By | 14 Comments

I've never seen anything have as much fun as this dog is having rolling on the bed. (Cat unimpressed.)


Let’s All Laugh At This Cat On A Treadmill That Can’t Get The Food

By | 11 Comments

This cat doesn't understand how treadmills work, therefore it does not get to eat.

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Cats + Abs Is The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today


Here's a two and a half minute video called Cat + Abs featuring shirtless made models rapping about cats and holding three-month-old kittens, because The Internet!


Watch This Sweet, Beautiful Film Of Strangers Jerking Each Other Off For The First Time

By | 17 Comments

If you liked the First Kiss video, and then get ready to have your socks blown off by two strangers giving each other handjobs for the first time!


This Golf Trick Shot Will Make You Feel Awful About Your Lousy Golf Game


High school juniors and golfers Zachary and Eric are YouTube stars now thanks to their ridiculous alley-oop driving range trick shot.

Viral Videos

Watch This Hero Cat Spectacularly Destroy An Attempted Yoga Recording

By | 3 Comments

Milo the cat does to this attempt at a self yoga recording what we've all wanted to do anytime we've seen a self yoga recording.


Stop Shoveling More Snow And Watch H. Jon Benjamin Narrate This Epic 16-Bit Adventure

By | 2 Comments

H. Jon Benjamin narrates 'The Ballad of a WiFi Hero.' It's an adventure all of us can relate to.

Viral Videos

Nothing Loves Anything As Much As This Cat Loves Drinking Water

By | 6 Comments

Meet Joey, the cat who loves to drink water through some fairly unconventional methods.


Who Wants To Watch A Bunch Of Beautiful Strangers Make Out?

By | 8 Comments

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva directed this short film titled First Kiss, the premise of which is simple: "We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time...."

Viral Videos

Watch This Corgi Ferociously Defend Itself Against A Piece Of Sour Candy

By | 4 Comments

When this Corgi named "Mini" faces off against a Lemon Warhead, there can only be one winner.


Today’s Viral Video Is Brought To You By Husky Alarm Clock


Watch this woman wake her sleeping partner using only a laser pointer and ginormous husky dog.

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Watch These Adorable Lion Cubs Meet Their Dad For the First Time

By | 7 Comments

The Oregon Zoo posted this video of lion cub triplets meeting their dad for the first time. Spoiler: It's gonna get cute up in here.

Viral Videos

This Happy Husky Dog Getting A Head Massage Is Everything You Need Today

By | 2 Comments

Nobody has ever loved anything as much as this dog loves getting a head massage.

Charlie Sheen

Stop Everything And Watch This Guy’s Academy Awards PSA With Amazing Celebrity Impersonations

By | 9 Comments

This guy does incredible celebrity impersonations. I bet he's "fun" at parties!


Europeans Techno Dancing To ‘Benny Hill’ Is One Of The Internet’s Finest Achievements

By | 6 Comments

What is YouTube's version of the Academy Award? Because this video needs one.


Whee! Two Fun-Loving Dogs Took Their Owner’s Truck On A Joyride


Roscoe and Luna have officially become heroes among canines.

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