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Here Are All The ‘Confirmed’ XBox 720 Games

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Please, please, please let this list of allegedly confirmed Xbox 720 games be true.

Always-online DRM

Microsoft Ain’t Care: The Next Xbox May Still Require An Internet Connection And Block Used Games

By | 29 Comments

Seems like Microsoft is feeling generous, may be planning to hand Sony and Nintendo a nice juicy competitive advantage...


Enjoy Used Games While You Can: No Second-Hand Games For The Next Xbox

By | 64 Comments

Reselling something you bought legally? Pssh -- what kind of scumbag wants to do something like that?


6 Reasons The Wii U Could Win The Upcoming Console Race

By | 25 Comments

Could the Wii U actually beat the PS4 and Xbox 720?


So, The Next Xbox Might Be A Holodeck


Remember several months back when we told you Microsoft was working on making the holodeck a reality? Well, it turns out their proto-holodeck tech may be one of the main hooks for the Xbox 720.


Tablet Controllers for Everyone! Is the Xbox 720 Basically Going to be the WiiU?

By | 4 Comments

Hey, are you looking forward to the WiiU and it's tablet controller.


Five Reasons the XBox 720 Should Embrace Used Games

By | 16 Comments

In case you hadn't heard, Kotaku's Stephen Totilo dropped a major bombshell yesterday in the form of announcing a rumor that the XBox 720 or NextBox or whatever you want to call it <a href="">wouldn't play used games</a>.


Next Xbox Could be Six Times More Powerful Than the Current One — Whatever That Means


There are few things the guys over IGN like doing more than speculating about the power of upcoming consoles.

fanboy dreaming

Is This the New XBox? No, No It Isn’t.

By | 3 Comments

Let's see here; the 360 is pretty deep in a product maturity cycle, and it's in danger of losing second place to Sony.

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