#The Interview

Here’s How Sony Could Release ‘The Interview’ Without Going Through Theaters Or Netflix

By | 15 Comments

Now that Sony has canceled the theatrical release for 'The Interview', VOD options are on the table, but could Sony stay in-house?

#Viral Videos

That Family From The ‘Xmas Jammies’ YouTube Video Is Getting Their Own Reality Show

By | 22 Comments

The Holderness family, popular for their YouTube videos 'Xmas Jammies' and 'All About That Baste,' are getting their own reality show.


Jerry Seinfeld Takes A Torturous Ride With YouTube’s Miranda Sings And Finds Out How To Be Famous

By | 13 Comments

Jerry Seinfeld navigates through LA traffic to have a very awkward breakfast date with YouTube's Miranda Sings.

the last starfighter

This Modern Trailer For ‘The Last Starfighter’ Will Have You Dreaming Of A Remake

By | 28 Comments

A YouTube user made a modern trailer for the 1984 SciFi classic 'The Last Starfighter' and it is awesome.


This Mashup Of Space Movies Is Oddly Inspiring


Want to feel optimistic about humanity? Here's a mashup for you.


Watch This Pancake Master Cook The Original 151 Pokémon As Pancakes

By | 3 Comments

Pancake master Daniel Drake has uploaded a video of him cooking 151 Pokemon pancakes to YouTube.


Watch Amy Poehler Tear Up ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ With A Freestyle Rap

By | 2 Comments

There is a new super-cut of Amy Poehler rapping on 'Comedy Bang! Bang!'

#Viral Videos

12-Year-Old Lorde Covered Kings Of Leon, And It Was Predictably Awesome

By | 5 Comments

At only 12 years old, Lorde performed a cover of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" for Radio New Zealand.


Don’t Miss Nickelodeon’s Unaired First Episode Of ‘Nick Arcade’

By | 6 Comments

The unaired pilot episode of 'Nick Arcade' has surfaced online, and it is delightfully '90s.


This Mom Completely Butchers The Story Of ‘Inception’ And It’s Pretty Great

By | 10 Comments

Filmmaker Joe Nicolosi's mom is back to describe another movie, as she's getting 'Inception' completely wrong in another surefire viral hit.


Watch Honest Trailers Hilariously Mock Torture Porn Classic ‘Saw’


Screen Junkies is celebrating the 10th anniversary of 'Saw' with a new Honest Trailer.


Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ Has Partnered With Google For An Immersive Web Experience


If you want more 'Interstellar' before its November release, this Google-partnered web experience will help.


Please Enjoy Every Grunt From Tim Allen On ‘Home Improvement’ At 25 Percent Speed

By | 9 Comments

You never asked for it, but here's nearly an hour of slow motion Tim Allen grunts to lull you into a trance.

#Justin Bieber

Did Justin Bieber’s Manager Buy YouTube Views To Help Make Him Famous?

By | 17 Comments

A Vocativ reporter received a suspicious tip questioning Biebs' video views.

the cheesecake factory

‘We’re So Cheesecake’ Is The Most Hilariously Terrible ‘Fancy’ Parody

By | 4 Comments

Some employees from The Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo teamed up to make YouTube's worst 'Fancy' parody.

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