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Don't Worry, This Amazing T-Rex Paper Illusion Is Not Judging You While You Masturbate

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This T-Rex paper illusion would be well worth the time, effort and paper cuts of printing, constructing and video taping all the magic you've created.


Warning: This Video May Cause You Extreme Pain As It Completely Blows Your Damn Mind

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All of those visits to the school nurse were justified thanks to this video. I couldn't help that my brain was telling me I needed a nap.


You Can Watch The Flaming Lips' 'Christmas On Mars' For Free On YouTube


The Flaming Lips have uploaded their strangely enjoyable 2008 film 'Christmas on Mars' to YouTube so fans can watch it for free.


Inject Your Christmas With A Little Bit Of Slayer Via This Amazing Christmas Light Display

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This Slayer Christmas light spectacle deserves your attention and praise. I have enough trouble untangling lights.


Here Are The 20 Most Overplayed Songs Of 2013 Back To Back In One Earnestly Played Minute


Check out this YouTube mashup with the 20 most overplayed songs of 2013 slammed together an easy to swallow minute


Feed Your Nostalgia With This Real World ‘Mario Kart’ Stop Motion Tribute Video

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This Mario Kart stop motion tribute video is lacking in budget, but provides a wealth of nostalgia.

Amazing Helicopter Pilot

Stop Everything And Check Out This Amazing Video Of A Helicopter Pilot Harvesting Christmas Trees

By | 4 Comments

Check out this amazing video of a helicopter pilot harvesting Christmas trees and pretend you could fly half as well.

Go Pro

Check Out This Amazing GoPro Shark Attack Video And Try Swimming Faster

By | 5 Comments

Check out this amazing shark attack captured by a GoPro camera while I finish my screenplay for Jaws 5: Jaw Harder.


Check Out This Video Of A Guy Minding His Own Business Before Entering A Vicious Pillow Fight

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This video of a random pillow fight highlights a growing problem on our suburban streets that needs to be stopped.

dramatic readings

The Latest Dramatic Reading Of A YouTube Comment War Is A Masterpiece

By | 7 Comments

We didn't think the first YouTube comment dramatic reading could be bested. We were wrong.

viral video

This Dramatic Reading Of A YouTube Comment Fight Is Today’s Best Internet Video

By | 5 Comments

Nothing good or productive has ever come out of the YouTube comment section. Until now.

Watch Conan Sum Up YouTube Perfectly In One Skit

By | 10 Comments

Conan O'Brien understands YouTube better than YouTube understands itself.


This A Capella Version Of The Theme From ‘Zelda: A Link To The Past’ Is Amazing

By | 6 Comments

YouTube user and music artist Smooth McGroove's latest a capella video game theme is the overworld song from Zelda: A Link to the Past.


Watch This Insane Globetrotting Domino Trick!

By | 5 Comments

Watch this domino trick journey from the United States to Germany through an inventive collaboration that would make Rube Goldberg squeal with delight.


So The Internet Is Furious With YouTube’s New Commenting System

By | 14 Comments

The Internet is furious with recent commenting changes as YouTube attempts to clean up its online act.


Pomplamoose Is Back With A Brand New Mashup Of ‘Royals’ And ‘California Love’

By | 8 Comments

Immensely popular YouTube cover duo Pomplamoose is back after an eight month hiatus with a new mashup of 'Royals,' 'California Love' and 'Loser.'


A Pissed Off Sound Engineer Made A Revenge Remix For The Hardcore Band That Stiffed Him

By | 7 Comments

Don't pay your sound engineer, and you'll discover the joys of the revenge remix.


Famous YouTuber Gets Towed, Throws A Hissy Fit. Guy Who Towed Him Makes Devastating Response Video.

By | 55 Comments

After YouTuber loudly complains about his car being towed, the guy who towed it destroys him with a hilarious response video.

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