10% Of People Think A Valentine’s Day e-Card Will Get Them In The Sack Or A Nice Seafood Meal

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Just be grateful we cut it off where we did.

It’s true that Internet polls are not the most reliable method of discovering what a vast swath of the population actually thinks. On the other hand, the fact that statistically significant number of people thinking sending somebody an e-Card is all you have to do to get booty (or food) is pretty depressing no matter how you slice it.

Considering the economy, it’s likely a lot of people can’t afford anything beyond an e-Card, which is fine. But these study results, from a cloud and mobile testing company, make a pretty compelling argument that romance is dead because people are lazy and kinda douchey. Between the ages of 18 and 34, a full 41% of those surveyed, men and women, said they were sending an e-Card for Valentine’s Day.

Even more depressing, 10% of those expected either a dinner or sex out of sending an e-Card. You know, because nothing opens wallets or pants like sending a card it took ten seconds and a Facebook profile photo to make.

It is worth noting that, hidden in the survey, is a telling reason for e-Card sending: You can include dirty content, which is really what Valentine’s Day is all about. Only 6% actually admitted to it, but let’s be realistic here.

So, maybe there is hope for romance. Either that or in fifty years, Valentine’s Day will be celebrated by sending everyone photos of your junk. We’re kind of hoping medical science will advance to the point of helping us to unsee things automatically before that happens.

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