Lawsuit: AT&T Encourages iPhone Theft By Activating Stolen iPhones


If, by chance, you woke up today and thought, “Gee, I wonder if anything can happen today that can possibly make me hate AT&T more than I already do?”, well, today’s your lucky day!

As you may know, iPhone theft has been a big issue ever since the device first hit the market. Hell, in New York City some of the stories of iPhone thievery are downright legendary. One buddy of mine had one swiped while trying to send a text outside a bar — a man wearing a ski mask came whizzing by on a bike, reached out, snatched it from him and then disappeared into the night.

So I’m sure you’ll be comforted to know that, according to the lawsuit, that thief and others like him have been able to walk right in to AT&T stores and activate stolen iPhones for years now.

Reports Courthouse News:

The class claims AT&T does this “in order to make millions of dollars in improper profits, by forcing legitimate customers … to buy new cell phones, and buy new cell phone plans, while the criminals who stole the phone are able to simply walk into AT&T stores and ‘re-activate’ the devices, using different, cheap, readily available ‘SIM’ cards (computer chips).”

Hilary White and two other named plaintiffs sued AT&T for conspiracy, fraud, breach of contract, accessory to theft, unfair trade and other charges.They claim: “On a regular daily basis in California and elsewhere, the cell phones, Apple Computer Corporation ‘iPhones’ in particular, are stolen by criminals from lawful purchasers and users.”

Each cellphone and iPhone is registered to the purchaser when he or she buys it, via an International Mobile Equipment Identification, or IMEI number, about 15 digits long.

“Each such cellular device is identifiable, as a handheld cell phone, by the IMEI imprinted on same, and said serial number is readily visible to, and apparent to, any and all stores, businesses, and defendant employees when the device is activated or a new cell phone usage plan is turned on by defendants,” the complaint states.

“Nevertheless, for years, defendants have actively and without reservation aided, abetted, and assisted thieves, i.e., possessors of stolen cell phones, in earning illegal theft profits, by turning back on, or ‘re-activating’ said stolen phones.

In other news, AT&T also had sex with your sister after spiking her drinks and then stole money from your mom’s wallet on the way out the door. Just so you know.

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